The three behaviours of successful leaders you can follow

Women leaders

Although the government agenda aims to have one third of all boards made up of women by 2020, it is a sad fact that this number is currently trailing behind.

Even where the number appears to be growing, in a lot of cases, this has become a tick box exercise, as opposed to really looking at the development of female leaders and their potential valuable contribution to business growth.

Here Laura Weaving, managing director of Duo Global Consulting explains three tips for elevating in 2020:

The pursuit of change

Truly great female leaders have both a skill in seeking out and spotting opportunities for positive change in their business environment, alongside the willingness to embrace the discomfort that often comes with change.

Leaders who successfully implement change and experience the biggest gains usually also have an innate talent for engaging and influencing their team to come along for the ride.

Increasing resilience

Resilient female leaders not only increase their personal efficacy but, by leading by example, also stimulate a culture where people seek out opportunities for growth and drive a safe, honest and collaborative environment for their team to elevate outside of their comfort zone.

By building trust, strong team relationships and open communication, great leaders are able to keep resilience and team morale high even during times of turbulence or uncertainty.

Driving positive conflict

A key difference between a great female leader and an average one is their ability to not only have difficult conversations in a timely and effective manner, but their capacity to truly build a culture that embraces and drives positive conflict.

A true leader will have mastered having win-win interactions where both parties drive through conflict to create long lasting, positive outcomes.