The main benefits of ultrafast home broadband


A strong and reliable internet connection is now a staple of every modern home.

The latest ONS figures show that 90% of UK adults used the internet in 2018, while that figure rises to 99% when it comes to 16 to 34-year-olds. In addition, the data found that just 8.4% of adults in the UK have never used the internet before.

The internet has become an inevitable part of our lives. Whether we use it for our own leisure or for our work duties, we need broadband deals that will suit our lifestyle. If you’re on the sofa watching a favorite series or sending e-mails to colleagues, having ultrafast internet is a must.

Since our reliance on the internet continues to increase by the day, it’s only natural for our expectations to follow suit. After all, the days of unstable dial-up connections are now well and truly behind us, and the advent of broadband has allowed most of us to become accustomed to an unlimited browsing experience.

When that experience is interrupted by slow loading speeds, however, the inevitable feelings of frustration are often quick and intense. Fortunately, by installing ultrafast fibre broadband, you can enjoy the fastest internet speeds possible and increase the odds of avoiding such exasperation.

What is Ultrafast Broadband?

In short, ultrafast broadband is the fastest form of internet currently commercially available. Capable of providing download speeds of more than 330 Mbps, an ultrafast connection works through a network of fibre-optic cables, which travel directly from the telephone exchange to your own home.

While other types of internet connection involve the use of copper wires, ultrafast broadband completely removes these out of the equation; meaning that the signal won’t deteriorate over distance and your internet’s performance won’t depend on how close you are to the telephone exchange or street cabinet.

Instead, FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) connections will deliver a fast, seamless and stable internet connection directly to your property. Much quicker than ADSL and superfast FTTC connections, ultrafast broadband can also be enjoyed through an innovative setup, which improves the speed and stability of existing copper cables.

The Benefits of Ultrafast Home Broadband

Although ultrafast broadband packages will typically involve a much higher price tag, such impressive internet speeds will provide you with all kinds of fantastic benefits:

Support Multiple Devices

The average homeowner now connects to the internet in many different ways. The number of internet-enabled devices continues to grow at a truly staggering rate, with data from Statista projecting over 75 billion connected devices by 2025—which is almost triple the current number in 2019.

Despite many still using a typical computer or laptop, people are now connecting to the internet through smartphones, tablets, e-readers, games consoles, televisions and an entire range of smart home appliances. Perhaps more importantly, our online activities are continuing to evolve, too, with many of us now streaming films, playing video games and downloading large files on a regular basis.

When you’ve got so many devices connected to the internet at once (especially in busy households with multiple users), you’re going to need a broadband connection that’s capable of keeping up with your usage habits. All of these devices will use up a certain amount of bandwidth, and this will quickly become congested if your broadband speeds just aren’t up to scratch. With an ultrafast connection, you’ll have much more bandwidth to play with, meaning you can continue to browse in peace across all your devices.

Increase the Value of Your Home

For many homebuyers, available internet speeds are every bit as important as the number of bedrooms, parking options and the quality of local schools. The internet plays such an integral role in our everyday lives, buyers are increasingly reluctant to invest in property which provides inadequate internet speeds.

According to a study carried out by ISP Review, more than half of buyers would actually reject the ideal home if it didn’t offer their desired broadband speeds, while over a third demand speeds of at least 100 Mbps. When you’ve got an ultra-fast full-fibre connection all set up, this will make your home much more appealing to these buyers; allowing you to raise the asking price.

Browse and Work Faster

Since there are no copper wires involved, an ultrafast broadband package offers a much quicker, more reliable internet connection. The increased bandwidth allows you to connect to the internet through multiple devices at once without hampering performance, while the improved stability of the connection means you don’t have to worry about intermittent signals and internet drop-out.

Ultrafast broadband allows you to download and upload files at a significantly improved rate, while you can also carry on streaming HD films without facing the dreaded buffering wheel. For those that regularly work from home, such an advanced internet connection will help you become more productive and efficient; allowing you to share and receive relevant files with minimal waiting times.

Ultimately, an ultrafast fibre connection provides a superior browsing experience, ideal for busy households or particularly heavy internet users.