The business guide to the small things

Well that’s where you’re wrong – if you want to continue living the high life, knowing and improving the minutiae of your company is vital. Profits come from major deals, but it’s the minor keys that keep your business playing in tune.

Moreover, a greater knowledge of the ins and outs of your company will give you a greater connection to your staff, showing you care and boosting their morale.

With that in mind, we’ve thought of a few ways you can improve the smaller elements of your business – and watch your profits soar.

A washroom makeover
Have you ever entered a truly pongy public toilet? It’s like wandering into a broken sewage system.

Browning toilet bowls, sodden sinks and hand dryers with the power of an elderly gentleman with bronchitis.

Yet these mucky toilets exist everywhere, from downtrodden pubs to upmarket office complexes. But they’re pushing worker morale lower than a limbo dancer.

You don’t want your workplace to suffer the same fate. Invest in effective washroom supplies and a series of high-quality cleaners to make your washrooms sparkle. Also consider investing in a more hi-tech iteration of your hand dryer and toilets.

The better the facilities, the happier the employees. So keep them as fresh as possible.

A grand day out
Whether you’re a debonair executive or a tired factory worker, you’ll never snub your nose at a day out of your workplace. And what better way to foster team sprit than to plan a day out for everyone?

The specifics of this morale booster don’t matter much. If you run a smaller office, a simple meal or evening on the town will suffice. But if you’re reigning over a large corporation, nudge middle management in the right direction to take their employees on fun, activity-led days out every now and again.

Not only will it provide everyone with a little breather, but it’ll form greater bonds in your office.

Let there be light
It might not seem like a big deal, but lingering in the dark all day is about as good for you as sunlight is to vampires. Yet tons of offices linger in mounds of darkness, their staff members typing dull documents in an exhausting stream of fluorescent lighting.

No matter where you’re working, try to let in as much natural light as you can. Fit as many extra windows in your office as possible and try to keep desks in the sunlight.

Extra dose of rays will oxygenate your office, creating an easier thinking space for every one of your employees. So give it a go.

Find the union
Even a periphery glance at your local newspaper can show how easily employer/employee relations goes to the dogs. Strike action, pay disputes, full-scale revolts – they all happen when a boss thinks they’re too high and mighty to play by the rules.

Knowing who works for you is the first step to solving this problem. If you’ve got a number of factories, visit them; if you’re in an office on the top floor, visit those on the bottom.

Find out everyone’s problems and queries about their workplace, and try to make good on your promises to fix them.

While these tips aren’t guaranteed to stop strike action in its steps, it will make the dialogue between yourself and any union leaders that little bit more sympathetic. After all, you can’t fly high all the time where business is concerned.