The 5 best productivity apps for business

As a business person, you value your time. Time is money, time is precious, and time can’t be bought back after it’s slipped away. Therefore; It’s worth your while to consider any strategy you can execute to improve your productivity.

Here are the 5best productivity apps of the year. If you’re asking yourself that whether I need to sell my iPhone 7 Plus and buy android one to run them, you’ll be pleased to know that they are available for iOS and Android devices. Download them today and get more out of your time.

1.    Zoho Books

Manage all of your invoicing, payments, quotes, and expense reports all from your mobile device. Zoho Books features a user-friendly interface suitable for entrepreneurs with limited account ting knowledge. Other notable features worth looking at are the time management, billing, and real-time updates.

Pool your information in a central database that allows your team to access the data on site and any location. The impressive functionality of the app will enable you to complete tasks such as converting quotes to invoices with just one click.

For a monthly fee of $9 per month, you get access for up to 2 users. The unlimited user package carries a monthly cost of $29.

2.    Dropbox

Everyone knows about Dropbox by now, but are you getting the most out of this app? Dropbox securely stores all of your company information in the cloud, syncing them across all of your devices while making files easy to share.

More than 600 million online and offline companies rely on Dropbox for their file sharing and storage needs. Why take up space on your server when you can store it on Dropbox?

Basic free Dropbox accounts include 2GB of space; if you need more for your business, the Dropbox Plus business plan charges $9.99 for an extra 1TB of storage space.

3.    Shopventory

This app is the ideal advanced inventory management system for any small to medium-sized business. Load all of your locations and monitor sales trends in your inventory.

Shopventory allows you to see your profit margins and adjust your inventory levels to remove poor-selling items while identifying your hot-sellers.

Shopventory includes payment processing for PayPal, Square, Here, Clover, Vend, and Shopify. Stay on top of your inventory, even when you’re out of the factory or warehouse.

The monthly fees will cost your business $29, a small price to pay for such a powerful productivity tool.

4.    Homebase

Stay ahead in your planning and team collaboration and download Homebase. This tool keeps you in touch with your team from a remote location, allowing you to post to-do-lists and update comments on any projects.

Make notes in real time and send notifications to all team members about any changes to the project using the Homebase project management tool.

A Basic account is free, with the business option costing $10 per month.

5.    Evernote

Organize your notes on the go with Evernote. This handy app lets you jot down notes and sync them to your other mobile and desktop devices.

The business suite allows you to store more media and scan web articles for clips you want to use in the future.

The basic download is free, with the premium version costing $34.99 per year.