Tenant engagement Equiem launches platform to help companies return to their workplace safely

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Equiem is helping companies and employees get back to work safely through the launch of Smart, a series of dashboards that report on real-time lobby traffic, building occupancy, air quality and other key measures delivered by smart sensors throughout a building.

Smart is designed to help landlords meet new tenant access and building safety requirements by controlling re-entry to their buildings, managing queues to elevators, and tracking crowdedness in common areas and facilities. The data is also available to occupants and is designed to help companies and their employees make informed decisions about whether or not to access the workplace on a given day.

Equiem has partnered with Metrikus, a leader in smart technology solutions, to deliver the platform. Smart sensors are able to be installed across any size building – in lobbies, common areas, and tenant spaces – within two to four weeks. The resulting data is then fed to customisable dashboards on Equiem’s desktop and mobile apps accessible by landlords and tenants. Smart will be available to Equiem’s global client base of landlords across the US, UK, and Australia, as well as to new clients, both landlords and companies themselves, in markets across the world.

Alongside Smart, Equiem is announcing a series of additional platform updates aimed at creating a “touch-less” user experience when tenants arrive at their buildings.  This includes touchless door, turnstile, and lift access, visitor registration with tracking and touchless entry. These touch-less journeys are being powered by partnerships withOpenpath and their unique, hands-free “Wave to Unlock” feature, HID Global, Vicinitee,Sine, Doordeck, and others.

Additionally, as part of the firm’s return to workplace offering, Equiem’s platform will enable users to book their arrival and departure time from the office, streamlining the experience and reducing queues. Retailers can also be integrated into the platform and provide office workers with touchless payment options, click and collect, and delivery options.

Gabrielle McMillan, Equiem CEO, said: “Without a platform like Smart, in most buildings, landlords have very limited ways to track lobby density and traffic in and out of their buildings – which has become more important due to COVID-19.

This usually amounts to CCTV cameras, lobby/security staff reporting to management office – all very manual and ‘offline’. Smart will allow landlords to have a live virtual view of their buildings, helping them manage and control crowdedness, density, traffic – ultimately to provide the transparency needed to help make occupants feel safe to return to their buildings.

Knowing how crowded the building or your office is, booking your time to enter so you’re not jammed with others, combined with ‘touchless’ re-entry procedures and technology – will help employees feel more secure during their return to work as they adapt to the new social distancing guidelines.

“We have access to data from our 175,000 users all over the world. 92% of them have been working from home during this pandemic, which has enabled us to gather critical insights into sentiments and feelings involving the new way of working.

Landlords need to build trust with their tenants, they need to over communicate. We have worked very closely with our landlord clients, occupants and end-users to develop a return to work solution that addresses the key pain points; how do you continue to engage and communicate with a remote workforce, how do you build trust to return them safely and how do you adapt your operations to make that experience as seamless as possible.”

Michael Purcell, Director at JLL, said: “The Equiem Platform has become even more important in finding ways to connect people without physical contact.

It has allowed us to communicate with all our tenants as they worked remotely – even as our parks and buildings became extremely quiet during the lockdown. The Equiem team also successfully launched and implemented remote programming – digital content, activations and events – providing a much-needed stimulus to tenants, during a period when our reception team was furloughed.”