Stay productive on the go: make the train your mobile office


With this in mind, rail travel is fast becoming the number one mode of transport for business travellers. Not only is it less stressful than driving, taking the train allows business travellers to maintain productivity on the go.

The benefits of train travel for SMEs compared to car or air are numerous. We’ve highlighted the top reasons why frequent business travellers are increasingly turning to the mobile office – the train!


Commercial developments around the country tend to be focused in areas with strong transport links – a prerequisite for enticing businesses to the area. For SMEs with customers around the country, it is highly likely that they will be focused around rail stations with regular services to and from large business hubs such as Manchester, Birmingham or London. Greater accessibility means more productivity gained during travelling. In fact – more businesses than ever are looking beyond London for new SME hubs.


Unlike air travel, rail offers business travellers greater flexibility, with the option for last minute changes in travel time or destination, different connections or addition of a last minute meeting on the return leg. By contrast, air passengers are locked into a departure and arrival destination.

Efficiency and comfort

Unless travelling in a Bentley with a motorcade clearing the motorway, rail travel is significantly more comfortable than using the road. Today’s trains boast more leg room than can be found on most flights, with additional work space, particularly in first class carriages. In addition, a substantial amount of time prior to boarding an aircraft is spent queuing. Train boarding and disembarking is markedly easier and mobile tickets eliminate the train station queue completely.

Pain free purchasing

The rail industry has been innovating over the last decade and is wholeheartedly embracing technology. For example mobile tickets available in the Trainline App (with separate app profiles for business and leisure travel), mean business travellers can buy tickets 10 mins before boarding and have their ticket ready to go. The app also allows travellers to see live journey information on the go, send expense receipts and submit refund requests in a single click.

The mobile office

The availability of Wi-Fi connectivity, power sockets and ability to book a table seat where travellers can continue working whilst travelling have heralded the arrival of the mobile office.

Whether it’s quick and easy ticket purchasing, connectivity, accessibility or flexibility, train travel is viewed by many as a productive method of transport. Improvements across the rail industry, from trains and stations to mobile ticketing and apps will only further cement train travel as the business traveller’s transport mode of choice….and mobile office!.