StarTimes packages & rates in Kenya

Previously, a majority of Kenyans found it more ideal to purchase digital boxes as most of them already had the analog TVs.

This way, they only needed to connect the former and the latter and enjoy seamless viewing. However, there have been lots of developments and most people are now considering purchasing digital TVs as a way of adapting to the rapid advancements in technology, a trend that may stick around for quite some time.

One of the digital TV service providers in the country is StarTimes Kenya, which offers a variety of packages for their clientele. This post highlights the different Startimes Kenya packages offered by the pay TV service provider.

What you should expect with StarTimes Kenya packages

StarTimes Kenya offers two main categories of packages: the DHT and DDT packages. Each of these packages was designed to target different client base while aiming at ensuring all StarTimes clients across the country enjoy seamless home entertainment. Notably, you will pay different rates for these packages. Therefore, regardless of the size of your budget, you can be sure of value for your money through StarTimes home entertainment. Here’s a breakdown of the two categories.

StarTimes DDT package

The first one in this category is the Nyota bouquet, which is the cheapest of all the packages offered to Kenyan StarTimes customers. This bouquet comes with a total of ten channels and you’ll get to enjoy these channels by paying a subscription fee of Ksh.259 which is paid on a monthly basis. The second in this category is the Basic Bouquet which offers customers a total of 37 channels. As expected, you will pay a higher amount due to the additional channels, and the service provider charges Ksh. 599 for this set of channels.

The third bouquet in this category would be the Classic bouquet that brings along a total 57 channels. These channels range from local and international news, sports, as well as any other home entertainment channels. To enjoy this vast bouquet, you will be required to chuck out Ksh.1000. The last of this category of bouquets is the Unique bouquet which comes out as the most expansive. It offers a total of 76 channels, and customers will pay a monthly fee of Ksh.1499.

StarTimes DHT package

The first one in this class is the Nova bouquet that offers a total of 37 channels. To enjoy the bouquet, you’ll be required to pay a monthly subscription fee of Ksh.499. The next one is the Smart package that offers 69 entertaining and educative channels, and you’ll be expected to pay Ksh.899 every month to enjoy them. Interestingly, the DHT package also offers its customers myriads of Indian and Chinese bouquets.

Notably, StarTimes continues to bring new upgrades to its services, which is evident in with the HDM combo package that blends both the DHT and DDT packages to create one product for customers. You’ll be obliged to pay about Ksh.1,500 and the package offers a one-month offer of the Super package and Unique package. You can visit any StarTimes dealer across the country to purchase the set-top boxes.

The Unique and Super bouquets turn out to be the highest among all the satellite TV platforms when it comes to the number of channels offered. This explains why customers pay higher rates to enjoy the service. However, customers can always get what they desire since this packages have an all-inclusive design. Notably, three hundred shillings is enough to keep you entertained with an array of local channels.

Acquiring the StarTimes decoder

To purchase your satellite TV decoder, you’ll need to first contact your StarTimes dealer community respondent. This is important as you will also get to learn about the different categories of packages offered by the company to be enjoyed by the customer. You can also visit the company’s official website, and if you don’t have the opportunity to do so, visiting the dealer will be the most appropriate step left if you need any information about StarTimes bouquet and payments.

How to make your payments

StarTimes customers can use different payment options to make their payments. The options are highlighted below.

Payment via Mpesa

  • Open the Mpesa menu on your cell phone
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Key in StarTimes business number 585858
  • Use your StarTimes Smartcard number as the Account number
  • Enter the amount you intend to pay
  • Confirm whether all the details you’ve entered are correct before sending
  • You’ll receive an Mpesa transaction confirmation SMS

Payment via Airtel Money

  • Registered Airtel Money users can follow the following steps:
  • Open the Airtel Money menu on your cellphone
  • Choose the Make Payments option
  • Select Pay bill
  • Choose the OTHER option, and tap on STARTIMES
  • Key in the amount you wish to pay
  • Click the Send button
  • Enter your PIN
  • Insert your Reference, which is typically your eleven-digit Smart Card number
  • You’ll receive an SMS from Mpesa confirming the transaction

Payment via Telkom (Orange Money)

  • Telkom Kenya mobile users are also not left behind, and here are the steps to follow.
  • First, open Customer Access and select Payments’
  • Key in the StarTimes business number 585858
  • Key in the Bill Reference number, which in this case is the Smart Card number
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay
  • Confirm the request before clicking send

What about the price of the antennas?

Here’s what you’ll pay to get the antenna installed in your home:

  • Antenna plus 10m Cable – Ksh.1400
  • The antenna plus 15m Cable – Ksh.1600
  • Antenna plus 20m Cable – Ksh.1800