SME with a dilemma? New TV show is offering advice from a world renowned expert to help

The production company, Victory Television, is  interested in small to medium sized companies with up to 100 employees to take part.

Victory Television is an independent production company with a background in both factual and entertainment programmes, most famous for producing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and, more recently, Tough Young Teachers for the BBC.

The business owner will work with a well-known entrepreneur across a number of weeks, exploring and testing out fresh strategies to suit their business.

This series would suit a company dealing with new competition, the repercussions of the recession, or a decrease in customers or revenue.
We are keen to focus on businesses in the leisure, tourism, food, retail and manufacturing sectors. Ideally, they are looking for companies that are open to explore new ways of transforming their business and making them more profitable.

This is an exciting opportunity to be featured on a prime time series and to create innovative ideas with one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Please contact or on 020 7406 3057 to find out more information about this exciting new project.