Simple product development tips for startups

Starting a business is exciting but also challenging. Budding entrepreneurs must handle different tasks to ensure that their respective business ventures go off to a good start.

If you are a startup owner, you will inevitably be making mistakes in the beginning. However, if there’s a process that you should focus on as a business greenhorn, it’s product development.

The Importance of Product Development

To start a business, obviously, you should have something to offer to customers. Your products and services differentiate your company from the others, especially your competitors.

Product development is essential, mainly because of the following:

Well- developed products and services provide value and solutions to customers.
A successful product is vital for the growth and relevance of your business in the industry to which it belongs.
Society benefits from your products by improving the quality of people’s lives.

In a nutshell, businesses should focus on product development to make certain that they are offering commodities that are safe and useful. With that being said, budding business owners like you should allot time and resources to test and develop their products before putting them up for sale.

Even the most prominent businesses today started small. But, what helped these established companies grow and thrive in their respective niches? Product development.

Here are simple tips that budding business owners can follow for effective new product development:

1. Know Your Customers

Before developing a product, you should first identify your target market. For example, if you are launching a skincare business, you should understand what your specific market needs. Do you want to specialize in products for acne-prone skin? Or, perhaps, for sensitive skin? You will be able to create products that would satisfy your customers if you understand what they want and need.

Creating a product, especially for a target market, does not mean you cannot grow and expand your business to cater to other demands. Product development is more successful when you focus on a specific niche and then develop more specialized products as you scale your business.

Also, remember that you are not the customer. If you have acne-prone skin and prefer lightly-scented skincare products, remember that some people prefer fragrance-free products.  While some business owners were successful in creating businesses out of personal needs that they want to address, it would be more apt to think about the wants and needs of the consumers before yours.

2. Invest in Market Research

Market research is not just about finding out what customers need and want as it is also about learning about your competitors. The purpose of competitor research is not to replicate what your business rivals are doing. Your goal is to understand what they are currently offering and how you can create better products.

Below are some of the great ways market research could help your startup:

The insights derived from market research should be used to identify areas for product innovation and improvement. Given the fact that yours is a startup business, which means you have a limited budget, you should find ways to conduct market research through online surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, field trials, and observation.


If you have the budget to spare, let the experts handle market research for your company. A professional market research firm will handle primary and secondary research tasks so that you can use all the gathered pieces of information to develop your products and services.


Observe market and industry trends. Is it a good time to launch your product? Is the market lacking or oversaturated with products similar to yours? Is there a demand or need for your product in the market?

3. Get Feedback Through Product Testing

Never underestimate the power of feedback. The opinions of other people are vital when it comes to product development. A product can fail if there is no market for it. During the product development process, you will create a prototype to bring your concept to life. Start by distributing a sample of your product to your intended customer base.

You can generate feedback by giving samples to family and friends. Small-scale testing can be performed after taking feedback from people you know.
Distributing samples is a great way to test the reception of your target market. The prototype will be used to gather feedback and insights so that you can make changes and improvements.


Product development is a crucial step in starting and growing a business. Your goal is to create products that solve problems and satisfy needs. When customers love your product, they will keep coming back to you. New product development is not a magic wand that could instantaneously catapult your business to the top. However, focusing on it will help you create something that is beneficial and valuable to the market.