Shopping for a Moissanite Engagement Ring? Read this first

Engagement Rings

White diamonds are the most popular stones among couples for engagement rings, yet there are other options. Moissanite has succeeded in catching buyers’ attention.

There is increased interest in moissanite

because it costs less, as opposed to diamonds, the light performance is much the same, and it can be cut in any size and shape. Choosing a moissanite stone for your engagement ring is one of the best decisions that you can make. You’ll have something unique that you can treasure forever. In what follows, you have all the details you need to find the perfect ring.

There Are Different Grades of Moissanite Available Today

Color and clarity play an important role in how the gemstone will look; they’re similar across different qualities of moissanites. Moissanites tend to be colorless, but some gemstones have undertones of green, yellow, and grey. The less color that a moissanite exhibits, the higher the rarity, and, implicitly, the higher the value. Therefore, you’ll want to acquire a colorless stone, which can be compared to a G or H in color on the 4 C’s scale. It will look beautiful and impressive. No matter if you’re scouting out rings together or you’re shopping solo, take your time.

Carat Weight Can Be Confusing If You’re Used to Diamond Carat Weight

Don’t confuse the term “carat” with “karat”, which is used to describe how much pure gold there is in an alloy. Carat refers to how heavy the moissanite is when it is weighed on a specially calibrated scale. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that a moissanite weighs less than a diamond. You won’t be able to tell the difference if you hold the gemstone in your hand, but a high-precision jewelry scale will point out the difference in weight. Rather than using carat weight, moissanites are priced based on their size in millimeters.

Don’t Buy Moissanite at Your Local Jeweler

It’s not a good idea to buy a moissanite engagement ring at your local jeweler because you’ll end up paying more. Shopping online is a wise choice. The purchase can equate to serious savings. There is a multitude of high-quality retailers, such as, some of which even offer the chance to design your own ring. At any rate, compare prices when shopping online. Spend as much as you think without ending up in an uncomfortable financial situation. Be wary about deception or misrepresentation. In some places, moissanite is referred to as a “moissanite diamond”. Although it may look like a diamond, the composition is entirely different.

When choosing jewellery online, paying attention to the quality of photography is essential. Graceful jewellery photos are one of the most important signs of a trustworthy jeweller.

Make Sure the Moissanite Engagement Ring Is Sustainable

When you invest in a fine piece of jewelry, you expect it to be sustainable. Moissanite is developed in a laboratory, meaning that it doesn’t have a great impact on the environment. It’s very eco-friendly. Unfortunately, not the same thing can be said about the side stones. Make sure that the jewels that surround the sides of the gemstone are sustainable. The whole ring, not just the moissanite, should be sustainably sourced.