Selby Carpets Shift & Lift fitting – Professionalism in Commercial Floor Fitting

However, a London carpet-fitting specialist is now providing a ground-breaking service that means furniture can simply be suspended in the air whilst a team of dedicated fitters go about their work.

The ‘lift and shift’ service provided by Selby Carpets takes the hassle out of complex carpet replacements in commercial environments.

A great many businesses in London are putting up with worn, stained and damaged commercial carpet because they simply can’t afford the delays and disruptions that fitting a new one usually causes. However, the ingenious ‘lift and shift’ method of carpet fitting means it can be carried out without causing down-time that your business simply can’t afford.

An ingenious approach to fitting commercial carpet
Working seven days a week, a team of expert carpet fitters can arrive at your business premises at a time that suits you, your employees and the operational needs of your organisation. State-of-the-art hydraulic equipment is used to lift desks, workstations, filing cabinets and any items of office furniture that can’t be moved to another room with ease. Once all of your office’s furniture has been suspended in the air, the team go about laying carpet underneath. This will save you the time – and potential expense – of having to move your furniture out of the way and put it into storage whilst fitting takes place.

This specialist service means fitting a carpet doesn’t need to interfere with the normal operation of your day-to-day office duties. In order to further reduce the disruption to business activities, the ‘lift and shift’ carpet fitting service can be carried out at weekends or during the evenings. The only difference your employees or colleagues will notice is an expertly-laid carpet that enhances the workplace and creates a positive image for your company’s brand.

Who uses the ‘lift and shift’ service?
Put simply, any business that operates during normal office hours but can’t afford disruptions to their operational activities can benefit from this service. Major banks, courts, retail operators and schools have all utilised this service in the past. They have done so because even the largest and heaviest items of furniture, such as sofas and storage cupboards, can be shifted without any disruption.

The process usually begins with a site visit – which is provided on a no-obligation basis. Expert carpet fitters will assess each workspace on its own merits, and provide a quote for the fitting of your chosen carpet and all of the work required to complete the job without causing disruption to your business. And because there are so many happy customers of Selby Carpets throughout London and the South East, they’ll be happy to show you several examples of the work they’ve done in the past.

Arranging the fitting of a new carpet in a business premises can be a daunting task when it involves the moving of heavy equipment and furniture – but don’t let that stop you from improving your workplace. Arrange a no-obligation appointment today, and take the first step to a more attractive and productive working environment.