Re-launched poker giant on the hunt for new CEO

The re-launch was largely made possible by the fresh injection of capital provided by the new proprietors, PokerStars.

Since purchasing the site it has been rumoured that PokerStars have been on the look out for a new CEO to manage the domain from the company offices in Dublin, Ireland. As of yet, no names have emerged regarding potential candidates for the role, though there has been some speculation.

Any applicant will undoubtedly need an in-depth knowledge on the online poker industry along with an understanding of the Full Tilt brand itself, and what it represents to the consumers who use its services. In the lucrative, but niche world of online poker, there are arguably only a select few who would be capable of fulfilling this demanding but career enhancing role.

With the site’s re-launch still fresh within the industry, any nominee keen to take the role should be prepared for a close analysis of their performance as the site moves to build upon its growing customer base and expand within the market. True to the tradition of Full Tilt Poker, the site already boasts many promotions designed to improve customer retention and attract new players.

Along with new promotions and tournament events, recently the site launched a flexible “new to the game” feature to attract new and inexperienced players. The feature lasts for 2,000 hands and allows new players to compete on slow-paced tables with low stakes. According to, “Full Tilt has created another angle to its appeal by becoming a beginner friendly site.”

As the hunt continues for Full Tilt’s new CEO, hopeful candidates will no doubt be smartening up their surely glowing CV’s in preparation: each looking for a chance to join the largest and most successful poker group currently operating in the highly competitive online market.