How to protect your privacy on public wi-fi networks

How many times do you find yourself browsing internet pages on your phone sitting in your favorite cafeteria and staying connected to Public Wi-Fi? Well, you are not alone.

There are a lot of people who visit restaurants not just for eating but for browsing Internet pages in a better atmosphere. It’s a pity, that not each of public Wi-Fi users considers and tries mitigating all the risks consistent with using sensitive information and logging in to financial accounts in such open to hackers and online criminals environments. Alleviating these risks stays not that difficult, there are simple solutions helping with that.

The Most Effective Ways to Alleviate Public Network Risks:

  1. Installing reliable virtual private network: VPN stays relatively cheap and really powerful way to encrypt your internet content and make your online activities literally invisible for any hacker. These services stay in abundant supply, and you can always find VPN reviews ( for evaluating consumer experience and find the most appropriate for your needs. If you want to pay nothing, there are several free services, which will not secure your freelance job but will indeed cut off your public Wi-Fi visibility;
  2. Obeying simple rules of Internet hygiene: Cafeteria is a nice place for reading the latest news or watching a cool YouTube video but not that good for operations with your card account. If you want to use some sensitive information, it is much better to do that in a safer place but not in the most open to hackers space in the city;
  3. Choose securer networks: Wi-fi networks, employed by different places differ in many ways. Some cafeterias use a completely open network, while some consider semi-Open as a better alternative. When negotiating with cashiers, try examining which type of network they use and decide where you are better off using the Net;
  4. Turn off everything which you are not going to use: The majority of young people always keep their Wi-fi or file-sharing options even if they are not needed. This habit is good for your home but when you go out into some less safe place, try to avoid that. It will also save you your battery charge;
  5. Download the latest version of your antivirus: Most antivirus programs already contain special security options, which don’t allow anyone intruding into your Internet usage. And the more up-to-date they are, the higher is their level of security

Will Internet Hygiene Resolve All the Issues?

You may think, why do I need any complicated solutions if I don’t open any sensitive pages? Well, the situation may change. In some extreme situations, you may not have any other option when to browse sensitive site rather than visiting a cafeteria. That is why if you want to stay flexible, you should think of some universal solution which is mighty to ensure your online privacy in any situation. It will also help as turning off all data-sharing buttons in order to simply sit in the cafeteria can be really daunting.