Professional Locksmith: Why & how to hire?

Holidays are coming! The most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest with everyone out shopping and getting ready for much expected Christmas and New Year!

However, many homeowners overlook one important fact: crime reaches its peak in November and December. Hence, it is high time to think about safeguarding your property and holiday spirits, enhancing your door locks and security systems and finding a reliable locksmith to get the job done.

Every year Christmas sees about a 20% raise in home burglaries. Their majority occur when the owners or renters are in the house. The most “popular” break-in days are December 5, 6, 11, 17 and 18. So, prepare to protect your house now! The best way to ensure the security of your property is to hire a professional locksmith, who will diagnose your locks, including multipoint UPVC locks, security and alarm systems, detect faults and either repair and reinforce or fully replace them.


This is the season when not only amateur but professional thieves go out on the hunt. And in such a case you need to bring out the big guns.

Hire a specialist to give the right evaluation to the current condition of your locks, to estimate the risks and provide long-term expert solutions for each and every problem detected. Do-it-yourselfers tempt fortune when try to check the locking mechanisms or mend them alone, as they have neither experience nor proper tools and repairing parts.

With the deeper knowledge of advanced technologies, some local locksmiths near you are able to offer diverse installation works and consult you about the recent and most efficient security measures that will suit both your requirements and means.

Certified specialists are bonded and insured – it means they are fully responsible for any damage caused to your property and compensate the cost of the destroyed item.


Finding a trusted technician is another issue, since there are many fake online locksmiths extorting money from people. Here we offer some tips to help you get a reliable professional.

First things first! Ask people – friends, relatives, neighbours or even join specialized internet forums for some advice and recommendations. If none worked out, address good old Google. But remember that is actually where you need to be extremely cautious. Visit the company’s website to learn its working days and hours, fees and location, carefully read the reviews.

Scam companies usually do not name themselves on the phone. So, do ask the name of the business. Also, clear the arrival time and the service price right away, as many made-up services will offer seemingly low price on the phone but the final bill can be unpleasantly surprising. The reason for “suddenly raised” fee can be different – from “long travel distance” to “high-security lock that is not easy to pick”.

Pay attention to the car of your locksmith – a reputable firm will have the business marking on it such as its logo, company name, address and website. Never hesitate to ask for business cards, ID’s and locksmith licences – your safety comes #1!

Forewarned is forearmed. Stay safe and sound and enjoy your upcoming holidays!