Prince’s Trust & RBS A-Z of Young Businesses: ‘B’ – Kelly Fielding: Body Blast Boot Camp

Kelly Fielding: Body Blast Boot Camp

Kelly had always harboured a dream of starting her own personal fitness company but she put these ambitions on hold to get a secure job. After the company she worked for went bankrupt, Kelly found herself unemployed and struggled to pay her debts.

Despite her best efforts, six months passed and Kelly could still not find full-time work. The threat of long-term unemployment and spiralling debt left Kelly feeling hopeless.

While Kelly tirelessly searched for employment, she began to revisit the idea of starting her own business. She lacked the confidence to apply for a business loan because of suffering from dyslexia, and was discouraged to approach a bank because of her poor financial situation.

Her local job centre referred Kelly to The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme. She received support to complete a business plan by a business mentor, and was given an initial grant to test her idea of a personal fitness business Body Blast Boot Camp.

Kelly went on to successfully secure a loan of £1,900 which she used to buy equipment, marketing materials and set up her website. She also benefits from the support of a Prince’s Trust business mentor.

Her business has achieved great success and she currently runs fitness courses in five different locations around Hampshire.

She has also begun to offer boot camp weekend retreats called ‘First Step Bootcamp’, incorporating fitness with healthy eating workshops, and she has launched “Buggy Blast” – fitness sessions to help new mums get back into shape after pregnancy.

Kelly also runs an online detox programme, consisting of 10 minute home workout videos, menu plans and recipes to follow each day.

Kelly believes her current portfolio is a huge achievement for someone who was unemployed and in debt three years ago.

Paul Jones

Editor of Business Matters, the UKs largest business magazine

Editor of Business Matters, the UKs largest business magazine