Planning a Christmas party? Here are the top 5 unusual rented products this festive season

New research on the Christmas party season has seen a surge in UK bosses renting unusual party props and equipment to make to make their festive parties unforgettable.

Start the fans, please! Topping the list compiled by Rentuu is the Grab a Grand machine offering the ultimate Crystal Maze inspired experience, with rentals up 47 per cent this year.

This is closely followed up the portable Black Cab photobooth which has been in high demand for Christmas parties nationwide. Elsewhere, festive celebrations are looked to be filled with retro games arcades and dance machines with Rentuu seeing a spike in bookings for December.

Another product in demand this party season is the hugely competitive reaction game, Batak.

The top 5 unusual products rented for Christmas parties:

  1. Grab a Grand game
  2. Black cab photo booth
  3. Retro arcade games
  4. Konami dance machine
  5. Batak

Andrea Guzzoni, tech entrepreneur and CEO of Rentuu, said: “Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for us, as we receive orders for products very early in the year to help businesses organise their Christmas parties. This year, we’ve seen a higher number of office event planners get in touch to try and create a bespoke event for their team with rentals such as Grab a Grand game, arcade games and photo booths.”

“However, the Rentuu team will also be ready for the last-minute planners who will be hoping to make an impact with late rentals for the office parties. It’s one of the biggest events of the year, so we have to ensure we’re ready!”

Rentuu is committed to shifting behaviours to renting over buying, keeping costs low and helping the environment too.