Online mortgage brokers versus traditional brokers

Mortgages have always been considered a safe and convenient option for generating capital in the time of need. A mortgage allows you to keep one of your assets as security for the loan, and can be used in multiple ways to solve a deficit of capital.

There are two types of mortgage brokers available in the market these days; traditional mortgage brokers and online mortgage brokers. The traditional brokerage system is more complicated and less amiable while the online mortgage brokerage system is less complex with more services. Let’s have a brief look at each of them:

Traditional Mortgage Brokers

Before the launch of online mortgage broker Habito, mortgage customers had to visit the bank, inquire with a mortgage adviser and fill out mountains of paperwork, just to make an application. The application then required the input of various officials and the paperwork required absolute precision. As a result of these factors, the traditional system was tedious, time consuming and had many drawbacks.

Online Mortgage Brokers

As a response to the drawbacks of traditional mortgages, companies such as Habito introduced a new type of mortgage, the digital mortgage, to bring about an easier, more efficient system. The new system is more user-friendly and has made purchasing a property with a mortgage a much less painful process.

Habito is a recently launched online mortgage brokerage system that has taken the confusion out of home buying. Habito uses statistical data to evaluate the different mortgages in the market. It helps customers to find the perfect product, ideally matching their unique requirements with the right product. It finds the very best mortgage deal after consultations with several experts.

Habito helps homeowners to find impartial and unbiased deals, and also lets homeowners know if better rates are available through a lender that Habito doesn’t have access to. Habito will also let you know when a better deal is available so that you do not overpay. While traditional high street mortgage brokers can take around two weeks to give details on 10 to 12 deals, Habito, can find the best mortgage deal from 70 options within minutes. It has also made the once long-winded paperwork, digital, smooth and hassle free.

In order to make sure that Habito is the right choice for you, you can read the online reviews given by clients who have made use of Habito’s services. Habito also facilitates a free 24/7 support service, with a dedicated team who are happy to help with any type of enquiry.

How To Get Started With Habito

You can access Habito from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. All you need to do is sign up on the website. After you’ve signed up, Habito will try to fit in around your lifestyle. You will receive over-the-phone guidance from highly trained mortgage advisers, who will use their expertise to give you advice on the best way to solve your specific mortgage requirements. There is also an online chat facility to help you to get in touch with mortgage experts quickly, without having to pick up the phone.

The entire process can be easily customized and optimized to suit your particular needs. Once you have registered with Habito, you will receive dedicated services, a high level of support and unbeatable mortgage deals.