UK office workers would wear their slippers to work given the chance

slippers to work

One in seven UK office workers would wear their slippers to work given the chance, new research reveals.

The survey looked into the thoughts and opinions of office workers in different sectors, regarding their work uniform policy.

More than half of UK office workers are unhappy with their dress code, and 17 per cent of respondents said that they feel more productive when dressed casually.

While 30 per cent of workers think it is important to dress smartly to work, given the chance, one in seven employees would happily wear slippers in their office.

When asked which items they would like adding to their work dress code policy, jeans came first with 44 per cent, followed by trainers 37 per cent and hoodies 22 per cent.

The more casual items to appear on the list were flip flops, leggings and slippers.  A further 7 per cent would like to see pyjamas added to their work dress code policy.

Corporate industries were the least satisfied with their work uniform policy, with law topping the list with 82 per cent of the votes.

Creative industries such as media boasted the happiest employees when it came to what they wear to work, followed by science and charity workers .

Alex Grace, Managing Director at Banana Moon Clothing, who commissioned the research, said: “Work uniforms have changed dramatically over the years and there’s now more pressure for companies to adapt to the increasing demand for casual workwear.

“While slippers and casual attire can be more comfortable for employees, these may not always be practical and there are certain industries where this may not be entirely appropriate. It is important that work places listen to their work force and come to a compromise where possible, which will hopefully lead to happier employees in the long run.”