Neighborhood of the future To Go Green and Compact amid Issues of Global Warming

Our world is going through two major problems global warming and population explosion. Every growing population and environmental issues have pushed the men to think about future survival. For a better future, every day a new technology is worked upon to improve our living standards in the future. In short, a neighbourhood of the future seems to be promising, a place that will be fully equipped with latest technologies and gadgets. People who follow technology changes and architect closely have come up with certain ideas that may change the way we live. Here are some of the future neighborhood ideas.

  1. Floating Cities and SUB-BIOSPHERE: The ever growing population has actually led toareduction in the available land which means now men don’t have enough land to get their homes developed. In a situation like this, it is believed that in the future, floating cities would take place as well as sub-biosphere living would gain popularity. These cities would be able to convert into submarines when caught amid whirlpools or other natural calamities.
  2. Elevated Greenery: It has become necessary to go green to combat the growing issue of global warming. But, we don’t have enough of land, which means we have already cut forests and continuing to do so as we need land to build industries and homes. In a case like this, it is believed that elevated greenery would take a step forward. This means that our future neighborhood will have a lot of greenery on bridges.
  3. Underwater Areas: Again, the land is limited and the environment is already in danger. In a situation like this, it is believed that the future neighborhood would be seen below the oceans and rivers. Don’t be shocked if you receive a call of an interview to be held inside the Indian Ocean. The world changing rapidly due to many environmental reasons. It has become necessary to find new ways toimprove our life. So, living under the water could a thing of the neighborhood of the future.
  4. Living In The Tree: Almost all of us had a tree house when we were young. The concept ofthetree house was made for kids to have their own private space to play and relax for a while. This concept is likely to be adopted by the future generation. As our environment is already in danger. Men are finding ways by which they can live with the environment without having to compromise on their needs. So, there won’t be any surprise to have a city or a town that works like a forest and homes like a tree.

Our world is changing rapidly and we need to do a lot to ensure that our future stays intact. Our future can be secured through smart living. It would be interesting to see how our neighborhood evolves with so many great heads working towards improving our standard of living.