Make money with your small hotel business in the e-commerce era

booking one

Are you a small and local hotel, seeking new clients and trying to amplify your business on the network? The advanced booking system BookingOne® may be just the right solution for you.


Fast loading, intuitive functions and good compatibility are the essentials for a mobile friendly website. Today, searches and bookings often come from smartphones or tablets, rather than computers. Making your site more mobile friendly can definitely optimise user experience, therefore increase the probability of booking.

Not Just Design

A pleasant user experience is important, but it cannot help gain more visibility. So, it is the time to implement SEO, which can make your site easier to find by search engines, such as Google, and increase your online visibility. Actually, SEO is not that complicated as many would think, and it has been widely used in the world of business.

Besides, there is also need of reliable hosting, data storage, protection, etc. All you need here is a package of professional know-how.

Management All-in-One

There are really many, many hotel booking sites out there, and it will be a huge waste of time to manage your orders from different booking channels. What do you need now? An all-in-one platform which allows you to take control of all the booking channels at the same time, saving your time and avoiding the risk of overbooking.

It is also possible to connect with your online ADV promotion, to increase your direct bookings. It is one of the biggest advantages of BookingOne, which is one of the few booking engines certificated by Google Hotel ADS, meaning that your website will be present before the OLTAs, and visible on all Google channels!

App, Social Network and Business Intelligence

In addition, the booking system BookingOne can define the best marketing strategy based on your guests’ data and improve your direct booking. You will have a vision of the entire e-commerce: your business is not just on the web, but also on social network and app for smartphone and tablet.