Leading facilities firm warns against heating & ventilation complacency

Robinsons Facilities Services

Rapidly-expanding repair and maintenance providers Robinsons Facilities Services are encouraging organisations across the country to safeguard against business interruption, by having their heating and ventilation systems serviced on a regular basis.

Robinsons Facilities Services are a Yorkshire-based specialist in planned preventive maintenance (PPM) and work across a wide range of sectors including leisure, healthcare, residential and education. With expert industry knowledge they can speak with unrivalled experience on the benefits of a structured PPM programme that makes scheduled service visits throughout the year, and are now calling for employers to quit the guessing games of reactive maintenance and put some plans in place.

Heating and ventilation is integral to every business, and comes in the form of boilers, gas systems, heating systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems, and whether it is office-based, in a warehouse or in a school, you need a system that is reliable and effective.

The benefits of heating and ventilation servicing

Often, heating and ventilation can be critical to the functional processes of a business, but fundamentally, an organisation has a duty of care to the people it employs and welcomes on to the property on a day-to-day basis, to look after their basic welfare.

For employees, the provision of heat, ventilation and hot water is a basic right, but it can also improve morale and productivity when an employer goes above and beyond their essential duties to install a PPM programme and reduce unplanned breakdowns.

Robinsons Facilities Services claim that PPM is not just an insurance policy against the cost of sudden repairs, however, because scheduled maintenance can pre-empt issues, protects against possible production losses and ensures your systems are always running at optimal efficiency, thus also offering you more control over your energy spend.

PPM also allows you to budget more accurately, knowing what your maintenance costs will be month-by-month. Call-out provision is all covered in a Robinsons Facilities Management PPM agreement, which can last as little as 12 months or up to five years, but always with 24/7/365 cover.

Cost-effective management of heating and ventilation

Director at Robinsons Facilities Management is Katie Challis, who has overseen transformational change in the business since taking up her post in July 2018. Katie agrees that PPM is the best way for a business to manage its assets and its maintenance spending.

“PPM is proven to be cost-effective,” Katie commented “and we can give you access to the services of some of the most skilled, qualified and accredited engineers in the country, who already know your systems inside out.

This can save downtime when servicing and vital time if an emergency situation requires getting a system back up and running, and is a reason why our flexible PPM agreements can save you money. You are not paying for someone to come along and spend half an hour trying to understand how the system works, because we already know.”

Robinsons Facilities Services have a client focus in Yorkshire and across many different sectors where heating and ventilation is crucial. For more information, visit https://www.robinsonsfs.com