ITI Capital unveils new digital wealth management offering

ITI Capital

A new digital wealth management offering from ITI Capital, the global financial services provider for institutional investors and private clients, launches today, offering investors key support during the Covid-19 crisis.

The new offering gives users instant online access to detailed financial and investment advice, using cutting edge artificial intelligence and fintech. The platform will expand the company’s top-tier trading execution, and transparent advisory and discretionary services.

ITI Capital, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has over 220 employees globally and manages over 30,000 clients across multiple countries in three different continents. Its digital wealth management offering builds upon the company’s extensive experience in banking and brokerage services globally.

Trading and investment has also been hugely impacted by the current global pandemic, and ITI Capital has committed to improving their trading platform services – providing a scalable and reliable platform, which simultaneously offers access to global markets as well as insight into a range of trading strategies, and up-to-date market valuations and investment services.

Leonardo Brummas Carvalho, CEO of Wealth Management said, “The Covid-19 outbreak has prevented millions of people from gaining access to critical advice around investments and their personal finances. Our new digital wealth management platform will change all that, giving clients instant access to online consultations, portfolio summaries and advice as and when they need it, from the safety of their home.

Carvalho continued, “The reality is that online advice is rapidly becoming ‘the new normal’ and will continue to do so in the future. Our ongoing investments in the latest fintech and AI technologies has helped us build a user-friendly platform that can cater for the investment needs of people around the globe, and we’re excited at this new addition to the ITI portfolio of services.

We want to develop and accelerate the disruption started in the financial services industry, democratising it and giving financial services access to the broader public and to the vulnerable.