The importance of orthodontic care

Straight teeth are the gift of a lifetime, and it’s a gift you want to be sure to give your kids. A straight smile will foster self-esteem and confidence in your child.

Straight teeth also cause fewer cavities, they’re easier to floss, and they’re less likely to be fractured during a fall. Giving your child a healthier, more attractive mouth is a big part of being a good parent. While it might be uncomfortable or even embarrassing for them at first to have braces, the long-term benefits will make them thank you (later).

A straight smile starts with an orthodontist. Choosing the right orthodontist will help determine the quality of care you receive. Finding the right one starts by obtaining a list of orthodontists in your area. The Orofacial Pain Relief in Newark and New Brunswick, NJ will look different from the Orthodontics in Edmonton, Canada, but no matter where you live, you should be able to find the right match. Try to get recommendations from your dentist, your family, and your friends. Search for certified orthodontists on the Board Certified Orthodontist Locator.

Once you have a list on hand, research them a bit. Verify that they’re Orthodontic Specialists and not General Dentists performing orthodontic treatment. View their website and look at reviews. Make sure they’re certified by searching for them on the Board Certified Orthodontist Locator. Then, meet with them to consult. Review your insurance coverage options and discuss costs.

Ask them any questions you might have, from office hours to where they went to school to whether or not they personally do all the orthodontic work. Once you feel comfortable with an orthodontist, you’re almost done, but you also want to choose an orthodontist your child feels comfortable with. Depending on their age, braces can be an unpleasant, even frightening experience, and a gruff old man in a back room office will probably not put your child at his or her ease, despite his qualifications.

After the proper orthodontist has been chosen, the rest is up to you. While the real work is being done by the orthodontist, and your child is doing all the growing and healing, it’s your job to make sure your child gets the right care during his or her treatment. Make sure you bring him or her in regularly for teeth cleanings. Make sure your child is avoiding the foods forbidden foods, like popcorn, gummy candy, beef jerky, nuts, and caramel. Last but not least, providing a healthy dose of sympathy for your kid’s sensitive teeth after the braces go on is an important part of his or her comfort during this season.