How to plan & write an essay

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Let’s be honest, you can’t write a great essay if you don’t have a knowledge of how to do it correctly.

Of course, there is no secret pill which can handle that problem, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get A+ for your writing assignment with a little bit of effort and research.

In fact, even talented writers can’t make great articles without a couple of secret tricks they use every time. So, if you struggle to compose your task on your own, and are tired to look for, say more law essays online to manage the task at least somehow, keep reading. We’re going to share with you those secret tricks all successful authors and talented students use in order to write a qualitative content.

How to Write an Essay Correctly

Struggling with a 1500-word essay, which has to be finished in less than 24 hours? Don’t panic. If knowing a couple of professional writing recommendations and applying them in practice, 24 hours means plenty of time. How is it possible? Let’s find out.

The main advice we can give you today is to go with a pre-writing phase before doing any kind of a research for your paper. Of course, every student wants to get at least some practical materials and info before the actual writing process. But in most cases, it is not as effective as it could be with a pre-writing phase. Why?

  • Pre-writing helps you to find that kind of knowledge before the topic, which you didn’t even think you had. This trick is very popular among professional writers, who know very well that being in a focused state for a certain period of time triggers your mind to think better, connecting all useful information you in fact know, bringing it up to the surface. As a result, you come up with many interesting facts and questions from your own knowledge;
  • Pre-writing phase helps you to become even more focused on the research. It provides you with a much better idea of what you should be looking for on your topic. Thus, you’re going to spend less time on the research process and writing one as well. It determines the exact points and ideas of your essay, which you should concentrate on without giving your attention to less important topic-related questions.

At the same time, pre-writing doesn’t mean creating a picture-perfect essay from the very first try. It is like an exercise before the actual writing process.

Don’t be too serious about it, trying to edit or improve it, making each word and sentence sound great and smooth. It is okay if your pre-writing draft is a complete mess.

What is more important is to be able to filter the necessary, useful information from that mess. Even professionals can’t create a masterpiece from the first try. So, be patient. Pre-writing is like a new way of planning your actual essay.

First of all, open a new document on your laptop or take a pen and a sheet of paper and write down everything you want to about the topic during the next 25-30 minutes. Don’t make a break. Be absolutely focused on the writing process.

Just start writing and don’t stop until the moment you understand you don’t know where to move with your ideas further. List out the main points of the topic. Highlight what you think will be less or more important. Make note of any resources that might be useful for your research.

Then comes the phase of research where you need to find a background information to support your opinion. But don’t make a mistake of getting stuck in this stage forever. Research should be done very fast.

Look for that kind of information, which is 100 per cent suitable and accurate for your topic. Don’t try to look for anything anywhere. Know exactly what materials you’re looking for. Use library as the primary source. However, it is okay to use the Internet if you can’t find something in the book. Just make sure that the sources you’re using are trustworthy enough.

All of these are only phases of preparation. After pre-writing and research the actual process of writing begins. Now you can start working on the first draft, slowly moving forward with your essay. When the essay will be finished, don’t forget to edit it. We recommend doing it in two steps – content editing and proofreading.

That’s all for writing an essay. Hopefully, these small tricks have made it clear to you how to compose any paper or writing project fast, easy, and simple.