How to maximise the visibility of your retail space

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Proper retail merchandising can increase visibility, brand awareness, and customer purchases in your retail space.

Considering your customer is an essential element for creating the most accurate visual displays to entice your audience. Whether you’re looking to build on your past successes or develop an all-new visual display for your retail space, here are some things to consider when setting up your display.

Plan For The Customer

Take a customer-focused approach to your display. What age, income, and lifestyle does my customer represent? What purchases have they made here before? Nailing down that target buyer and what their tastes are will make setting up your visual display infinitely more successful. Once you’ve considered this customer and what items they’ll be looking for, creating a plan is the next step in successful retail merchandising. Decide what fixtures, props, and items you’ll be using, and where they will go in your retail space.

Go For Proven Success Formats In Your Display

Once you know what is going into your display, the presentation execution is the next step. Group your items in aesthetically pleasing arrays of three, from smallest to largest, thinnest to widest, or even good to the best value for money. A triangular layout with a large item at the forefront and smaller items of decreasing height on either side also draws the customer’s eye. Maximizing the clean lines and structuring your display will add an element of credibility to your branding.

Location, Location, Location

Designing your displays in the window to coincide with the latest items at the front of the store is the simplest way to maximize the effectiveness of the display, and make it easier for your customer to navigate in your retail space. Likewise, for price labels, making the best value item the largest label in an accessible location, and then pricing up the rest with smaller text will draw the customer in. Much like the display plan, thinking about display placement for your customers will create a much more successful display.

Adopt A Data-Driven Approach To Displays

Tracking the success of your retail merchandising campaigns is the most effective way to evaluate whether your display has worked and help you avoid wasting time on layouts that simply aren’t successful. Looking at increases in sales coinciding with campaigns or targeted customer surveys will help you to drive sales by truly understanding your customers and their purchasing choices.

Engage Your Team

Empowering your team to contribute towards visual displays is the best way to ensure their success. They likely work on the retail floor every day, so have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. Seeking their impact on display choices will also factor their needs in, particularly when moving objects or ensuring they are aware of the products on display. A display will never be successful if the team selling them doesn’t have the right product knowledge.

Adopting a structured, customer-focus plan to your retail merchandising will ensure that your campaigns are successful. As well as your customer, remember your team is your most valuable asset and will be the ultimate driver of item sales. Truly maximize the availability of your retail space with these simple steps to see success in 2020.