How to choose the right office furniture

office space

Selecting the right furniture for your office is key to creating an inviting space which entices prospective clients and stimulates your employees each day.

But, with so many pieces on the market, actually choosing your furniture can prove to be a rather daunting task.

Read our handy little guide to help you make the best decisions when decking out your office.


With several people all working together in one place, your office can quickly become chaotic and cluttered. As such, investing in good storage options and appropriate-sized furniture is recommended, particularly in small offices where space is somewhat limited. This not only ensures employees can move around freely, but it also means the office looks neat and organised; as every professional workspace should be.

Moreover, multi-functional furniture has become increasingly popular and can prove to be a valuable addition to any office, providing a cost-effective way to solve space-related issues. Examples include desks which double-up as a place to file important documents and modern seating options with USB chargers built in.


Employees are more likely to be productive if they are working in inspiring, modern offices with plenty of home comforts at hand. Many contemporary work spaces now feature break-out areas, which are, essentially, areas away from the main office space and may include soft furnishings, books and beverages. These ‘chill-out zones’ allow staff to take five minutes here and there to get away from their desks and relax, which is beneficial, since taking a short break every hour ensures staff stay motivated.

Why not think about purchasing or renting an office coffee machine from a company, such as Logic Vending, allowing staff to have access to a wide-range of hot beverages which will give them that much-needed pick-me-up throughout the day!


Replacing office furniture regularly is costly and causes disruption to normal work, so it’s wise to invest in high-quality, durable pieces which are made to stand the test of time.

Be sure to shop around, read reviews and choose an office furniture supplier which is well-known for both quality and reasonable pricing. You can check out ArchiPro’s ergonomic commercial office furniture to choose from, whether it’s for the office desks or the break room.


In a typical office environment your employees will spend a large proportion of their day sitting at their desks, so it is absolutely crucial that they are provided with comfortable, supportive chairs and work-appropriate desks.

There are plenty of fantastic, reasonably priced ergonomic office chairs and desks to choose from, so there really is no excuse for not ensuring your employees remain as happy and healthy as possible throughout the working day.


When choosing how best to kit out your workspace, style is certainly an important factor and will play a big part in how people perceive your organisation. You should choose furniture which compliments the existing décor and colour scheme well, while making sure it aligns with your core values.

So, whether it be contemporary office furniture in quirky colours and designs à laGoogle, or perhaps something much more traditional; the key is to pick a style which reflects your brand’s unique identity and your company culture.