How new car technology makes driving easier & safer

car dashboard

The advances in technology in recent times have been astonishing and it is now intertwined with practically every area of day-to-day life.

One area which has been changed drastically is motoring – car technology has now made driving much easier than ever before as well as more enjoyable and this will only continue as advances continue to be made.

Autonomous Driving Features

One of the biggest changes in recent times has been the introduction of autonomous driving features. These are making driving much easier and safer with some of the features already helping to save lives and stop countless collisions from occurring. Here are a few of the amazing features that can now be found in many modern automobiles:

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control has been around for a while and makes driving on motorways a breeze. This feature will drive the vehicle for you and can adjust the speed based on the speed of vehicles around you and some systems can even bring the car to a complete stop and start again when traffic starts moving.

Automatic Emergency Braking

This important feature constantly scans the road ahead and warns the driver before applying the full brakes to stop a collision from occurring. In some cases, there will also be measures taken by the car to reduce the impact if a collision is unavoidable (tighten seatbelts, close windows etc).

Lane Keep Assist

Lane keep assist will monitor the lanes and alert the driver if they drift outside of their lane without indicating. If no action is taken, many systems can automatically correct the line to stop a motorist from veering into the next lane.

Automatic Parking

Parking is an aspect of driving that many people struggle with, so automatic parking is a fantastic feature that many motorists will benefit from. Some systems will require the user to pedals, whilst others will do the entire maneuver for you.

Driver Drowsiness Detection

One of the biggest causes of accidents is due to the driver being drowsy. It can sometimes be difficult to tell when you are too drowsy to be driving, so this impressive feature learns your driving style and behaviors and alerts the motorist if this behavior changes (stops interacting with features etc.).

Road Sign Recognition

It can be all too easy to miss road signs whilst driving, but this technology will automatically read road signs and then relay this information so that you are always aware.

Protecting Yourself

These are just a few of the amazing technologies which can make driving much safer (but not necessarily cheaper). It’s still important for motorists to take care of their vehicles to keep them in proper working order. One way to do this is with an extended warranty if the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired and you can easily find brand-specific cover from specialists, such as warranties for Toyota.

Car technology has made it easier and safer than ever to drive and this will only continue as steps are made to driverless cars. There are many more amazing features yet to come, but motorists still need to be be safe when driving and always take steps to protect themselves and others on the road.