How businesses capitalise during the World Cup

Russia world cup

With the World Cup only a few days away, it is an exciting time for people of all nationalities, living in the UK, to come together and enjoy the beautiful game.

We recently reported that the UK economy is set to benefit from a boost of £1.33 billion if England get to the next round, thereby finishing in the two top of their group stage. For budding entrepreneurs and businesses, the world cup is a prime opportunity to offer new products, be creative and generate revenue.

The tournament takes place between June 14th to July 15th, coinciding with the British Summertime. With England’s first 3 matches taking place at 7pm, 1pm and 7pm, one can expect increased footfall for restaurants, pubs and bars.

For a solid two-hour period on average match, Britons are expected to spend up to £193m in food and beverage outlets. The timing has suited the British market, which has suffered in previous years with the time difference in South Korea and Japan 2002 and Brazil 2014.

For retailers, the new range of England-themed clothing, toys and accessories have started to hit our shelves. Sainsbury’s recently released England themed footballs for the world cup at £10 each. The main supermarket chains also enjoy better profits from fans buying food and drink to watch at home with friends. Those who stay at home are expected to splash £240m on food and £297m on alcohol if England makes it through the second round.

Households are also likely to pay for upgrades in terms of TVs, electricals, sofas and barbeques.

Football aficionados are expected to splash £264 million on sportswear to emulate their sporting heroes, with the average jersey costing £69.99 and higher for an adult men’s large. One of the most popular kits so far is the retro Nike kit for the Nigerian squad which was released last week and Niketown in Oxford Street reportedly sold out within minutes. For kids, sticker collecting and video games is big business.

Bookmakers are likely to see a noticeable boost during the world cup period, both on the high street and online. The Guardian reported that over £1bn is expected to be placed by Britons during the world cup.

This piece was provided by Dickie Bet, currently offering 6/1 on France outright winner odds.