Your guide to critical illness cover

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Critical illness insurance is an extended form of coverage offering financial protection against conditions listed within your policy.

Such cover is comparable to a whole life insurance as it requires monthly premiums for the lifespan of the policy holder and secures a large cash pay-out should illnesses become a reality. Learning whether this type of chronic care cover is suited to your needs can be determined with a careful assessment of its features and requirements.

What Does Critical Illness Cover Involve?

Just as accidents can strike at any moment, a diagnosis of a long-term condition or critical disease can cause significant restrictions in your life and that of your loved ones. Dependents are affected by a lack of income and the ability to provide for their needs financially. You are unable to work owing to the limitations and management of such ailments, meaning a lack of income. Such disorders change your life and when dealing with critical illness, the added stress of a lack of funds can exacerbate your symptoms.

Protecting your future and that of your family should remain a priority. The sudden diagnosis of a debilitating condition could have a negative impact on all parties involved. Critical illness insurance is an affordable means of protecting against the management costs of diseases, making it impossible to cover general living expenses.

Critical illness protection provides a lump sum cash pay-out should a listed ailment occur. These policies include exclusions and must be assessed before seeking coverage.

The most common conditions included in critical illness cover include:

Cardiovascular diseases

Specific Cancers


Degenerative disorders

Ailments that are not incorporated may involve terminal diseases including more advanced types of cancers. Many restrictions are placed on the illnesses included in policies. If you have received a diagnosis of a condition before purchasing cover, it will not be insured.

Consultation with a professional and authorized insurance provider can help you determine which ailments are insured.

What About State Cover?

The National Healthcare System or NHS, makes provision for basic assistance when private medical care is unavailable. Unfortunately, this type of basic financial aid may not be sufficient. The benefit of a private critical illness policy is the option to make a claim for a cash payment upon diagnosis. The additional funds can be used for ongoing support or to pay for general expenses.

How to Find Affordable Critical Illness Insurance

To protect your future healthcare needs and the requirements of dependents, investing in critical illness cover can prove invaluable. It offers the financial support needed during a very distressing stage in your life.

The best way to protect against the financial implications of a devastating disease, is to invest in the right type of insurance cover. A professional online insurance comparison service can assist in finding valuable and cost-effective coverage. An expert approach and knowledge of insurance policies for ailments, helps you learn of the best forms of financial support with the diagnosis of chronic disorders.

The increased costs and living expenses make the management of long-term conditions complex. A lack of income owing to an inability to continue working or depleted medical aid, places a strain on available funds for everyday expenses, mortgages and debts.

An online comparison tool allows you to make easy and efficient quote comparisons from multiple critical illness providers. The comparison of policies from the features to added benefits help determine valuable coverage. Consult with professional market services to learn the type of cover required and what you can afford. Making provision for the challenges that life often presents, provides peace of mind that you and your dependents are financially taken care of.