Good start-up businesses to consider opening in Singapore


Many of us dream of escaping the boring office life and just build our own small business empire aka home-based business.

In any case, there are some technicalities that prevent us from getting started, such as lacking start-up fund, networking, and the plain and fear of risk.

Looking to earn money through freelancing, and eventually even turn it to full-time business? Here are some money-making small business ideas that generally require less investment and professional skills.

Many of these business ideas can even be systematised to create passive income streams. Thanks to technology, many tasks can now be automated, giving you the ability to take more of a hands-off approach and focus on the most important part of your business.

Virtual Assistant. Virtual assistants require a phone, a computer and stable Internet access. This is a fantastic job for those looking for flexibility. A virtual assistant’s work varies and can cover tasks like editing, data entry, researching, preparing a report, social media management, etc. They typically charge $15-20 per hour dependent on the job specifics.

Tutoring. If you’re good with certain subjects and have passion for teaching, then tutoring can be the right job for you to get an extra income. You can be a home tutor or an online tutor, which won’t require any physical classrooms.

What you need is simply skill in the subject you want to teach, and willingness to spend a few hours weekly to help someone else. You can use tutoring websites to sign up with and begin your tutoring job. Current rates for tuition jobs are around $15 to $50 per hour, which will depend on your qualifications and the education level of the tutee.

E-Commerce. Alibaba recently smashed its Single’s Day record as sales hit 168.3 billion yuan or $34.6 billion. This shows the huge potential of the e-commerce market. To set up a functional e-Commerce store, you just need to register a good domain name, setup a hosting and web design. Still, the efficiency of your marketing and advertising effort will affect the profit you earn. To be successful in your business, it’s not always necessary to sell a hundred products. What you need are the right items to sell.

Photographer. Photographers don’t always need to have an expensive studio or an office to begin getting clients since he can conduct his business anywhere. You can be of service to weddings, family events, marketing events. Indeed, people a lot of money for professional photography. One research showed that professional event photography charges $100 to $150 per hour.

Social Media Consultant. Social media as you know is one of the most popular and influential advertising channels for awareness. Consequently, many companies now look for people who are adept in social media to aid them in managing their social media presence.

Posting for Facebook and tweeting on Twitter is conventional, so you need more knowledge and skills in advertising tools plus other sites like LinkedIn and Instagram or even YouTube to become an expert in social media.

Find one that suits your preferences? After choosing a business type, the next order of importance is to register your domain nameto save it for yourself, after which you need to find a web host and create your own website. Once you have completed all of these, work consistently on your business. Be prepared to invest time, patience, resilience to get the success you want.

Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash