From chipper boy to social media entrepreneur

We all love a good underdog story. Today, we get to have an in-depth look at Alessio Tramontozzi founder of SocialBox Marketing.

We all love a good underdog story. Today, we get to have an in-depth look at Alessio Tramontozzi founder of SocialBox Marketing.

From being destined to continue his family business in the fish & chip industry to now scaling businesses leveraging innovative social media marketing strategies. Alessio has spent his last six years learning and implementing social media strategies overseas in the US market.

Now, with big plans to establish a name for his agency in the Irish/English market. Alessio left us this statement on why he decided to focus on the US market for the last 6 years. “It was pretty simple I wanted to learn from the best in the game and they were for the most part in states. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been mentored by some of the big social giants in the game. But, it was always my goal to create a blueprint that I could take home and help as many Irish businesses as possible”

Over these last six years with many failures, Alessio believes he has finally created a blueprint that can help Irish businesses grow leveraging the power of social media. So, we had to ask him. What is one of the biggest mistakes you see in social media today?

“The biggest problem I see in social media, is businesses and brands cold pitching there offers to audiences who have never even heard of them. All you are doing is disrespecting the sales process and creating an uncomfortable experience for people who engage with your social media”

Our, next logical question was. How can businesses learn from their mistakes and build more effective advertising strategies? “Content, Content and more Content. I’ve always been thought that stories sell and what better way to tell a story with video. Our, next step after that is to see what pieces of content are hitting those Physiological triggers that create a response. Once you identify what is working build your campaigns around already proven concepts. The numbers don’t lie”  

Alessio, believes he has finally created that blueprint that businesses can now implement and see significant results. We then asked him, What has you excited for 2020 ? “I’m super excited to work with our new clients and show them how to leverage social media the right way and help them scale business growth. Also the advent of new platforms like TIK TOK give us new platforms to test and implement new strategies”  This is a story of a young entrepreneur who was willing to stick it through his failures to attain his goals. Things look bright for SocialBox.

We asked Alessio. Do you have any final comments? “I will end with something someone dear to me always told me, Dream big and take massive action. Do these two things and anything is possible and I also wanted to wish everyone a great 2020”.