Football punters in London suburb make most of their luck

If one part of a bet on multiple games goes against the punter’s prediction, then the entire bet collapses, much to their dismay. However, when they go right, they typically result in significant pay-outs, depending on the size of the ‘acca’.

Every Saturday afternoon, thousands of football fans place accumulator bets on the outcome of every single Premier League, Football League and Scottish Football League fixture kicking off at 3pm in the hope of winning big. While the chances are slim of actually winning such a bet, it seems that some parts of the country are luckier than others when it comes to getting them right.

Chingford cashing in
After doing some research on which parts of the UK were most successful in winning large accumulator bets, Ladbrokes revealed that Chingford in Waltham Forest, London came top of the pile. The total amount of money won in the past year from accumulators which paid out over £5,000 for the area stood at a massive £529,363.50, nearly twice as much as Glasgow, which came second.

“There must be something in the water in Chingford. Football fans there clearly have the magic touch when it comes to landing huge wins”, said the bookmaker’s spokesperson Alex Donohue.

Punching above their weight?
While other big cities such as Liverpool, Leicester and Sheffield all figured highly on the list, there was a surprise in seventh place, as punters from a small town in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales managed to bag over £200,000 collectively in large accumulator wins. The people of Tylorstown, which has a population of just over 4,000, won £200,450 combined!

“Punters in Tylorstown have also been studying the form. We’ve never known one village land so much cash on footy bets”, Mr Donohue commented.

The biggest ever individual win from a football accumulator still stands at £272,529.60. This particular bet was won in January 2011 by a punter in Berkshire.