Fleet Of EE 4G-Enabled Black Cabs Launched In London & Birmingham


The company behind the UK’s first LTE network has sent out 50 of the 4G cabs — 40 in London and 10 in Birmingham, each one with a super-fast WiFi hotspot open to customers.

EE cite stats that say 1 in 5 commuters would be less stressed if their cab had reliable internet access.

Spencer McHugh, director of brand at EE said in a statement: “The first motorised black cabs hit the streets in 1901, nearly 70 years before the first smartphone was available to consumers, now we are bringing this icon of British transport into the 21st century with a 4G make-over.”

What this stunt will do for customer-cabbie relations, we don’t know. But if you’re desperate to download large chunks of video while stuck in traffic, this might work out well.