Festive traditions in a technology driven world

santa letter

An email to Santa doesn’t have the same ring to it as a letter to the big man and when it comes to engagement that a child will remember for the rest of their life; a WhatsApp message or Facebook notification is unlikely to have the desired impact.

Therefore, there is a need to remain in touch with traditional methods when talking about a child’s letter to Santa Claus and Lapland Mailroom has been putting a smile on people’s faces for over a decade.

After all, it isn’t just the recipient who is cheered by a personalised response from Santa. The parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and all other adults who have a place in their heart for a child will light up when they see the child enjoying the response.There is a festive glow in remembering Christmas from yesteryear

It is not just about the joy that they have for the youngster, it is the glow that comes with remembering their own childhood and fond memories at Christmastime. It is natural that nostalgia is prominent during the festive period, but Lapland Mailroom uses the latest technology and marketing techniques to keep a touch of traditional Christmas glamour alive.

Every year, there is a need for the company to gear up again, to find new customers and to be seen as the number one choice over their rivals. Companies that provide seasonal offerings face challenges that companies who provide a year-round service don’t have to contend with. No one wants to hear about Christmas from January to late September, early October (at the very earliest, and this is only because some people like to be organised in advance), making it nigh on impossible to maintain a brand presence over the course of a year.

As great as a personalised letter from Santa to a child is, no one wants to be reminded of it when the major sporting events are drawing to a close in the heat of summer.Modern marketing methods can mesh with traditional services

Therefore, Lapland Mailroom uses social media marketing and targeted adverts to reach their audience at the right time. With more than 100,000 satisfied children around the world, and many more parents, guardians and loved ones, the ability to focus in on core demographics allows Lapland Mailroom to engage their audience and remind people of the magic they can deliver in time for the festive season.

In recent years, the company has been assisted through user-generated content. Consumer reviews and testimonials are crucial today with buyers being savvier than ever before. Social media timelines are filled with reaction videos and with each video of a child smiling or crying with joy when they read their letter from Santa, Lapland Mailroom can tap into content that says more to their audience than a thousand mailouts or 50 Facebook adverts could hope to.

Christmas is for the kids, both the young in age and the young in spirit. This is a time of year when tradition reigns supreme and there is a lot to be said for adults allowing and encouraging children to experience some of the festive magic that they enjoyed in their own childhood. A letter from Santa is one of the most magical ways to brighten up Christmas and while this is a very traditional gift, the ways that Lapland Mailroom engages their audience and keep the magic alive is firmly rooted in the present day.