Everybody can do a TEDtalk 


Have you ever been to a TED-conference? Or even more special: have you ever dreamed of doing your TEDtalk? What about?

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The first TED conference took place in 1985 in California. It brought people together to share all kinds of information and inspiration about subjects in these three categories.

The TED conference takes a whole week, two times a year. Many speakers tell their inspiring story in a maximum of eighteen minutes. ‘Ideas worth spreading’ is the overall theme. In between the presentations, there is time for music, dance, lunches and so on.

TEDrules rule

Nowadays there are more than the two big TED events. There are local TEDx-events like TEDGlobal, TEDWomen, TEDYouth. If you want to organize a TED-event you have to keep yourself strictly to the TED-rules. Also if it is held in a university or high-school.

If you want to talk on a TEDx-event you got to have a good story. Your idea should be new or interesting and realistic. You have to be authentic and you have to talk in English. And tell your story in eighteen minutes. No minute more.

A great diversity

You can listen to online TED talks the whole day. They are very interesting and you cannot imagine how many subjects there is talked about. There is a great diversity.

Most visitors to a TED-conference are businessmen- and women complete with laptop bag (translated to Dutch: laptoptas), but there are also creative artists, students, and coaches. Everybody can be a TED talker, everybody can be part of a TED conference.

Al kinds of themes are coming by. If you can tell an interesting and inspiring story about a wine cabinet (translated to Dutch: wijnbewaarkast), you can talk about it. But you cannot sell anything. That is one of the rules.

TEDtalks in Spanish

Most TEDtalks are in English, but some are in Spanish or Spanish subtitled. If you go on holiday in Coín Spain (translated to Dutch: Coin Spanje), you may listen to talks like the one of Sandrine Thuret: ‘Puedes crear nuevas células cerebrales’ (2015) about getting older and depression. Or listen to the talk of Laura Vanderkam about setting priority: Cómo ganar el control de tu tiempo libre (2016).

The most popular TEDtalks? One of them is ‘Do schools kill creativity’ from Sir Ken Robinson. Brené Brown with her ‘Power of vulnerability’, and ‘My stroke of insight’ from Jill Bolte Taylor.