The do’s and don’ts after a car accident

Car accidents are sudden, and in most cases, victims are not in the right frame of mind to absorb everything.

Therefore, it is important to have a car accident attorney who you can call at the scene of the accident.

You are entitled to compensation if you suffer injuries as a result of negligence by another party. There are several measures you can take to increase your chances of receiving fair compensation, click here to learn more.

Seek Immediate Medical Care

It is important to note that failure to seek prompt medical attention can be used against you by the driver at fault or the insurance company. To prove negligence, you must show proximate cause. The injuries incurred must be as a result of negligence by the other party. If you delay getting a medical checkup, the concept of proximate cause may not hold. Document all the symptoms you are experiencing and get a note from the doctor. Ensure that you retain payment receipts.

Aside from seeking medical attention, you must follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter. For instance, if the doctor puts you on bed rest, do not go to work. This could compromise the integrity of your claims. During the recovery period, ensure that you use social media responsibly. Any photos or posts that are contradictory to your injury claims can be used against you by the party at fault.

Build a strong case

Proving negligence can be complicated even when the circumstances appear cut and dry. Your case is as strong as the evidence you produce. Evidence needs to be collected right from the scene of the accident. Given that you may have to seek immediate medical attention, it is wise to have a car accident attorney or a car accident lawyer in San Diego to gather evidence as you recuperate. Photos of the accident scene and witness testimonies play a critical role in ascertaining liability. The attorney will also look out for broken or damaged traffic lights or any other evidence that could help prove liability. In some cases, there can be more than one party who is liable.

Take time before filing a suit

In most states, the statute of limitations provides that personal injury cases can be filed after one year from the day of the accident. It is wise to take time because injuries can lead to other complications along the way. The real impact of the accident may be felt weeks or months later. This is especially the case if you have suffered a head or soft tissue injury. Detail all symptoms and ensure that you get a doctors opinion on the buildup of your symptoms and all the potential risks. Filing or settling too early can mean that you get a lesser compensation than your case warrants. It is always tempting to take the money offered and clear any bills you may have, however, it is prudent to wait until you make a recovery.

Restrain from communicating directly with the driver’s insurance company

In most cases, the insurance adjusters will want to settle early. This is why you need to have a car accident attorney who will handle the insurance adjusters on your behalf. Insurance adjusters may come off as sympathetic, however, in most cases, this can be a ploy to get you to admit fault, even partially.

An experienced car accident attorney understands the value of your claim and will not allow you to be shortchanged. The attorney will also handle the negotiations process; this increases your chances of getting a fair settlement. On your own, you may not be in a position to value your claim for what it’s worth.