Disruptive Fintech Flagstone cements largest UK banking platform status with latest partnership

cash in envelope

Flagstone, the smart cash deposit platform that offers a ‘many banks, multiple accounts service’ to its customers has cemented its top position in the UK marketplace with the addition of its 43rd bank.

The latest partnership, with Principality, means Flagstone customers can open 800+ accounts with 43 Banks and Building Societies making Flagstone the only single interface in the UK able to boast such incredible choice.

Since launch in 2013, Flagstone has disrupted the stagnant savings marketplace by creating a smart and slick conduit to a growing number of banks, building societies, accounts and additional customer benefits.

Founder Andrew Thatcher says, “We’re incredibly proud of this achievement.  The fact that 43 banks and building societies want to reach new customers through the Flagstone platform is testament to how powerful our business model is. It also demonstrates how confident each financial institution is regarding how well its portfolio of savings options will stand up when directly and continuously compared with all the others on Flagstone.”

Once registered each individual, business or charity Flagstone client can monitor account performance and move deposits with ease between banks and accounts, smartly side-stepping the paperwork and processes of going to each individual bank directly.

Thatcher explains, “Our customers are empowered by the Flagstone platform to assess and access the highest number of banks in the UK from one interface with an ease and at a speed which they’ve never experienced before.

Additional benefits of the Flagstone platform include a single tax statement at the end of each fiscal year aggregating all savings, and a real-time savings control panel which provides a one-screen summary of all current savings each customer has with Flagstone.