Disabled people make better entrepreneurs

Shane, who was speaking to kick start Global Entrepreneurship Week among disabled professionals, although people with disabilities tend to spend a lifetime adjusting to a society which isn’t always accessible to them, their outlook on life can be one of determination and success.   
“Society tends to overlook talent within the disabled community” says Bratby, who is also the owner of MobilityBuy.com. “Yet many ambitious people with disabilities have learnt to fight for financial independence. If you translate this into business terms, it’s easy to see why so many businesses run by disabled people are so successful – they have simply used their survival skills such as determination and perseverance – which were developed through sheer necessity – and used it to their advantage.”
Journalists Dom Smith and Annie Makoff work alongside Shane in an effort to reach out and inspire other disabled people, encouraging and supporting them in setting up their own business.
Dom Smith, who is also the editor of rock music magazine, Soundsphere, says: “In this current financial climate it’s essential to reach out to as many disabled people as possible to help them realise their potential. We’ve all done it, despite setbacks, and we want to show others that they can do it, too.”
Annie adds: “Global Entrepreneurship Week is the perfect time for disabled people with business orientated brains to start working towards their goals. If you have the determination and the ambition, there is no reason whatsoever why you can’t make a success of your venture. Disability should mean business, not dependence.”
For more information go to www.disabledentrepreneurs.co.uk