Digitalising HR: The future of the workplace


The digitalisation of HR processes within the workplace is becoming common practice, and for good reason.

By replacing outdated HR processes with some form of automated, data-driven system, the overall efficiency of an organisation is all but guaranteed to increase.

Darren Diamond is the Managing Director at Spettro – a system capable of transitioning your bygone HR processes into one streamlined programme. Not only would this HR transformation boost your organisation by fostering an innovative culture throughout the workspace; it would help to alleviate overhead costs too!

Darren has shared his expertise with Business Matters, and would like to promote discussion of the overwhelming benefits that can be found in making the shift to digitalisation. These benefits include, but are not limited to, an improved level of employee engagement, and even the opportunity to build strategic initiatives that will further the success of your business.

Staying up to date with compliance

As the years pass, regulations surrounding data, privacy and employee rights have gotten stricter and stricter. This is arguably a very good thing, however, if you’re not careful, it can be shockingly easy to fall short when applying these regulations. An accidental misdemeanour like this can result in expensive and stress-inducing consequences to your business.

By implementing HR integration software into your business, the risk of glossing over any essential regulations will be completely removed. HR integration softwares, such as Spettro, offer the latest updates to GDPR guidelines and compliance legislation automatically integrated into the service they provide, meaning your business will always be above board in everything it does.

See a rise in productivity and morale

HR system integration not only positively affects your business, but also those within your business. In fact, one of the key benefits of implementing an HR integration software is the effect it has on company morale and productivity. It’s always been essential for employees to have access to HR requirements, such as annual leave and internal complaints processes, but this can often be a long and arduous process, with many being left out of the loop. This isn’t helped by the accompanying likelihood that the paperwork may easily get lost somewhere within the system.

All of the above can result in minor to company-wide confusion, but an accountable and transparent HR system will ensure that such confusion never rears its ugly head within your business again. Ultimately, HR integration software brings your business into the future by streamlining your company’s daily processes, making the workplace a thriving and pragmatically convenient place to be.

Reducing ‘needless’ admin work

A recent survey showed that 26% of an employee’s daily time was allocated to, for want of a better word, ‘needless’ admin work. From outdated technology tasks to unnecessary meetings, the majority of this work could be streamlined using HR software.

The amount of time wasted on these tedious, traditionally paper-based HR tasks is seemingly unparalleled, and the financial inefficiencies this administrative work introduces to a company’s business model will more often than not result in a large loss of company money each year. This substantial loss of time and income can easily be dismissed with the implementation of HR integration software.

HR software can go even further in saving money for your business as it will also result in massively reduced stationary costs. As for saving time, your entire HR team will be free to focus on more pressing tasks than paperwork, whilst the rest of the team is left with a feeling of positivity and enthusiasm brought about by the new HR system. Monotonous administrative tasks can cause a real break in focus and slow the general production of essential work objectives, whilst HR integration software will complete these tasks with the opposite effect.


When considering the future of your business it is imperative, especially within the current climate crisis, to also consider your business’ carbon footprint. For some time now this environmental focus has been present in the work environments of many and for good reason! The moral decision to become a greener business is not just a trend, it’s a necessity, and the implementation of HR integration software can certainly help with this. This kind of software enables a large reduction in the amount of paper used with the workplace, resulting in a much more efficient and, needless to say, greener office.

Linked to the topic of sustainability is the huge focus on employee welfare within businesses today. The streamlined process of HR integration leads to a much more sustainable workforce – a workforce that your business is much more likely to retain and become an integral part of the company’s growth as they fully understand and feel a part of company processes. Retention of staff is vital in the success of any business and HR integration will play a huge role in this.

In considering the future of your workplace, it is essential to consider the future of all those within it, as well as the measure you can take to improve their employment.