Digital Comics, Converted for Free



In fact, there are many adults who fondly look back at their childhoods and reminisce about the comic books they had on their shelves and under their beds. Of course, we digress, and we bring you back to the 21st century, where technology rules and geeks are having their heyday. This means that digitized comic books are now a thing, and we have the cbr reader technology that will help you bring your comic books to the digital world. Now you can share more creations with more people in less time than ever before. And you can do it all from the comfort of your office chair.

Converting the Comics for More Readership

With our CBR reader, comic book files open as easily and quickly as they would if they were PDF files. After all, we also created the Soda PDF reader software, as well as programs and features that can convert your images to PDF and HTML. Therefore, is it really a surprise that we have moved on to more advanced things such as digitized comics? Now you can view, share, or edit comic books from your computer screen, and with just a click of the mouse, you hold all of the power and control. Our 3D viewing and page flipping software enables you to view and read the comics in a way that is so true to life. It will be the talk of your company.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Finally, the features and tools are so simple and user-friendly that using our software is a walk in the park. You will love sharing the experience of a comic with others, as well as viewing other people’s work and even doing awesome collaborations with a digital and technological advantage. The colors will pop, the page turning will look as natural as possible, and you can use the integral tools and features to work on it just as you would a typical Word document or PDF file. Remember that our comic book reader is compatible with any and all CBR and CBZ files, so be sure to check it out today!