Could that be wedding bells? 3 in 10 Office Romances end in marriage


Executive Benefits
While the majority of relationships developed between workers in similar job levels, 45 per cent of workers who dated a co-worker said they have dated someone above them in the company hierarchy, and 27 per cent admitted to dating their boss.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Professional Relationship
Romance often springs up in social settings outside of the office however, that’s not necessarily always the case. Interacting in the office and a company party were the most common situations in which romance blossomed, followed by at lunch, meeting in the pub after work, and running into each other outside of the office.

The Secret of My Romance
More than half of workers who took part in the survey who have had office romances said they were open about their dating situation in the office. However, 42 per cent reported they had to keep the relationship under wraps.