Considering your digital presentation


Events take place in two spaces, physical and digital. Seldom does the same level of organisation or management get put in the event’s digital presence.

The curation of an event’s social media is under a great amount of scrutiny and yet we often resolve to directing viewership across different platforms. See our videos on YouTube, see our photos on Instagram, and don’t forget to see our updates on Twitter. It’s oftentimes inefficient and may deter the end user from wanting to explore. It’s also difficult to exhibit a variety of platforms easily, especially whilst retaining a consistent style. But if you’re putting together a well-managed and enjoyable event then this should extend to the digital presence too.

Collect social content from dozens of social media platforms

The best option I have found is to use a social wall for events by The concept is simple but effective, and it’s delivered in a manageable way with brilliant execution. By creating a social wall you make space for a page of all social media pertaining to and from your event. By picking an appropriate hashtag, or selecting profiles of your choice, the wall aggregates all media attached to its usage.

If a post, a photo, or a video is posted online, it will appear on the wall that you can have projected in the room or accessible on devices by each person involved. All media platforms will appear in one place, bypassing the need to access different sites or apps. The feed of your event will be collected, collated, and presented exactly how you want it to be.

Advanced moderation and flexible design

The walls can be both customised and moderated. So, if you want to maintain a certain theme or style then, through the site’s style editor, you have control to do so. This and the moderation can be performed from each of your personal devices allowing you continued accessibility and oversight of the event.

Furthermore, if you’d like to dedicate space to advertisements or sponsorships, that’s absolutely possible too. Social walls are incredibly versatile too and they can be embedded and presented across many different devices.

The wall can be accessed online from anywhere and will continue to be accessible even after the event is over. So, if you want to review the event or highlight key moments, you’ll be able to do so with ease. Don’t feel intimidated either.

The process of creating a wall is very simple and have a great and attentive support team should you need to contact them.

A curated social media feed for your event

Using social walls automatically presents your event’s digital content in a well-organised and tidy manner. It allows your event’s digital presence to be as well-organised as it is in actuality.

These days people are increasingly familiar with social media, meaning it is more important than ever to consider how you exhibit your brand identity and content.

Since there are a wide variety of social platforms, each with their own benefits, you’ll certainly want to utilise as many as possible, and the best way to present them will certainly be on a social wall.