10 IT jobs with high demand in 2018


In their perpetual struggle to gain more market share and stay ahead of the competition, most companies nowadays hunt for talent and invest in the most-in-demand roles that are crucial for success.

IT jobs are on the rise in all industries and fields of interest. Today, a positionin IT means more than it did a few years ago. From creating medical software to crunching big data, you can land a job in almost any company no matter its size or profile. Today we will discuss the top 10 IT jobs with high demand this year, soyou have a good starting point if you are looking for a job or a career change.

Software Developer

You can find a software developer job opening across multiple industries, from computer system designs to finance. However, you should know that companies look for talented, creative, and innovative developers and they will not cut any corners during the hiring process.

According to recent statistics, software developers will witness a 30% employment growth by 2026, but this does not mean you will not face fierce competition and unprecedented demands from employers.

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Business Intelligence Analyst

If you have a degree and some experience in computer science, information systems or engineering, you may want to look for jobs as a businessintelligence analyst. Companies in a variety of industries hire people that can masterfully understand, use, and upgrade database technology, analytics, andreporting tools.

You will need to show strong writing and verbal skills, know your game in data cube tech and OLAP and more. The salaries in this field are high, andprojections show they will get higher.

Big Data Analyst

According to the latest surveys, the demand and hunt for bigdata skills and professionals havesurged by 78% in the past year, due to the new GDPR regulations, transaction markets, and the rise of IoT. Bigdata skills and a visionary approach to the Internet of Things do not evolve overnight. In other words, this is a job for the more seasoned IT professionals who have the talent, the skills, and the innovation fiber in them to make it big in a field that is continuously growing and reinventing itself.

Information Security Specialists

In this day and age, companies hunt and hire cybersecurity analysts by the hundreds. We do not live anymore in a world that can disregard the need of having a bunch of gatekeepers guarding the security of the fortress. With DDoS attacks, major security breaches, and incommensurable data protection damages, no company ignores the need for top talent and skill in cybersecurity.

The beauty of this IT job is that you can find it everywhere these days. From online stores selling clothes to big financial companies, governmental institutions, healthcare and service providers, you can land a well-paid job as a cyberCerberus in no time. HR experts predict an almost 30% job growth in this field, so now it is your time to shine.

Cloud and bigdata security are among the top technological concerns of the future, so if you want to build a careerin the field, start now, as the Botnet of Things will soon become more than just a compelling Sci-Fi movie plot.

Web Developer

We all rely on the web these days, andmany cannot even imagine a world without it. Web developers are high in demand this year as the web changes dramatically every day and companies need to adjust and stay ahead of the competition in real time.

Talented web developers thrive this year, as e-commerce websites seem to take over and become the next best driving force of the Internet. Web developers will have their hands full with online stores and mobile technologies during the next decade.

The job growth rate and salaries are also rising, andit is better to begin this year if you want to ride the big waves in the future.

Database Developer

All companies small or largerely on databases these days. For that, they need database developers who can demonstrate analytical and problem-solving skills, proficiency in using professional enterprise database programs, certifications, and experience.

The development and management of enterprise databases is a transferable skill, as you can work in almost any field or industry, from insurance companies to universities.

Computer Network Architect

As information technology expands at unprecedented rates and the need for cloud computing grows exponentially, there is no wonder that almost all industries are willing to invest in computer network architects. These experts canupgrade existing networks and build new ones while permanently learning new things.

The job requires the talented professional to know, learn, and innovate on a daily basis, as the landscape of computer networking (with its strengths and vulnerabilities) is changing and evolving daily.


Good programmers and code writers will find a job in almost any field and have a blast with the new technologies that rise and shine every day. One of the most significantchallenges for programmers these days are IoT, mobile apps, e-commerce, the medical-technological revolution, wearable tech gadgets, video game development, communications, cinematography, and more. They all need your skills but, more importantly, they need your creativity and ability to look into the future and write it in the present.

Computer Support Specialist

You are the tech savant that computer users call to make the darn technology work. The more IT and devices the world buys and uses, the more increases the demand for people who not only know how to use the latest contraptionsbut can teach others as well.

Besides having excellent communication and customer service skills, as a computer support specialist you have to own tech skills, intuition, intelligence, and creativity. People asking for your help do not always know how to describe or explain their hardware/software/network problems, so you need to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

With almost 1 million new jobs expected to open by 2026, you do not have a reasonfor concern regarding employment. However, the interviewing process will be merciless as everyone hunts for outstanding certifications, experience, talent, and creativity. We recommend you search the IT interview database we previously mentioned to get a glimpse of what to expect from employers in this field.

System Administrator

If you think the “IT guy” in a company became an oldjob, you are wrong. The System Admin job is now more demanding as ever, as the specialist has now more work to do than ever before. Make sure you can prove experience and skill with servers, backup, andrecovery, upgrading, cloud computing, networking, web troubleshooting, software testing, and much, much more.

These days, system administrators work closely with the other IT specialists mentioned above and the work is not only well paidbut in high demand. If you are a beginner, remember that a set of certifications and top-notch job interview answers will get you where you want.

What do other IT jobsyou think are high in demand this year? Which one do you rock?