Considerations when running a business from a listed building

Listed buildings in the UK (there are currently more than 500,000 of them) have an additional set of specifications and requirements that govern how they can be used. Whether you are operating from a listed building or are planning to move into one, we’ll discuss some things you’ll want to consider.

Speciality Insurance

If your business outright owns or is otherwise liable for the listed building or property it operates from, then it is definitely a good idea to research and invest in listed buildings insurance. What’s particularly important is to select a specialist in the field. Ecclesiastical have been specialising with heritage property in mind for over 120 years and offer a variety of bespoke plans to accommodate any and all specific needs for the property in question. Whether you are operating out of a former museum, residence, factory, church or standard commercial building, having the right insurance to ensure that your liabilities are covered is absolutely important… especially when running a business from a listed building.

Construction Plans

All businesses face logistical challenges when they need to grow or otherwise change operations. If your business is operating from a listed building, however, then you’ll have to consider carefully which types of construction projects in the form of additions or renovations can be done. Some forms of construction – such as roof repairs – do not require any permits or consent in order to do. If you are planning on doing renovations that might change the appearance or overall character of the building, however, then listed building consent will be necessary. In order to be sure, always contact the relevant local planning authority before enacting any plans.

Future Legal Changes

When running a business, it’s obvious that future changes in the economy or industry can drastically affect your overall operations. Likewise, running a business from a listed building may result in future changes in the law that could impact your business’ operations. It is worth noting that the laws governing listed buildings have been remarkably stable in recent years, but anything can change at any time. Even small changes to listed buildings law – while not affecting most buildings and businesses – might affect yours in a relatively large way. As such, it is important to consult regularly with local planning authorities so that you can be aware of any upcoming changes to the law and can be aware of them as soon as possible.

Businesses face many challenges, but businesses operating in listed buildings have a few more to consider. Whether it pertains to potential future changes to the law, renovation plans or the need for listed buildings insurance, there are several important criteria to consider when opening a business in one of these locations.