The 80ft catamaran workspaces which combine business & pleasure

Measuring at over 80 feet, Coboat’s collection of revolutionary catamarans provide entrepreneurs with a luxury experience whilst being able to collaborate with others.

With an aim to create luxury, energy efficient workspaces, Coboat designed and created their collection of catamarans to be self sustainable. The floating co-working spaces use desalinated seawater and employ fishery practices with little impact on the ocean’s marine population and surrounding environment.

The wind will be the energy provider of choice, allowing the vessel to sail without using any energy. However, when winds die down, the catamaran’s engines will be powered by stored energy, making this one of the most energy efficient ways to travel.

Coboat have also catered for the technological needs of the entrepreneurs on board, with 3G and 4G internet connection being provided round the clock. When out at sea, passengers can count on a seamless transition to satellite-based communications, too.

Whilst being able to accommodate up to 20 digital nomads at any time, Coboat aim to circumnavigate the globe and venture into uncharted waters. With a list of destinations ranging from Sri Lanka and the Maldives to Morocco and the Canary Islands, the catamarans also operate all year round.

Although the catamarans provide one of the most unique and luxurious co-working spaces, Coboat also cater for your downtime, as equipment for water sports are also provided.