Cheap car insurance and the questions you need to ask yourself

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Are you looking for cheap car insurance? Do you want to know that you won’t be overburdened by ridiculous payments for that insurance?

There are ways to make sure that your car insurance won’t be something you dread, but rather something you are grateful for. In order to get to that point however, you must ask yourself some questions. They will help you navigate the world of car insurance and find the best solution for you, to replace the generic offer you are going to be most likely offered in the beginning.

Have you uncovered all your options?

Many drivers will tell you that they have in fact not uncovered all the options available to them. Instead, they just went down to their local dealer or signed the first offer that was presented to them. This is just a result of not realizing that things can be significantly better, and they often are, somewhere out there. But until you go out and look for them, you won’t have access to them. The difference between a very difficult to keep insurance and one that is relaxed enough to let you breathe a little in between other payments, often times is a little more time spent looking for that great deal, across multiple providers.

Are you ready to haggle?

This certainly isn’t the most professional thing to do, but you can get better deals if you’re willing to haggle a bit. The best way to do this is by using the market against itself. Use the cover of a better deal found elsewhere as a bargaining chip which might let you convince a dealer to lower their own prices. When they’re faced with either getting less money or getting no money at all, dealers can be persuaded to spice up their initial offers. Of course, for this you need a genuine bargaining chip, so make sure that there actually is a better offer out there before you start negotiating.

Have you started looking early?

If you thought you could just march in a day or two before your insurance expires and just get a new one at a very advantageous price, think again. The only way you’re getting a great deal on your insurance is if you take the time to start looking weeks, maybe even months in advance. Going up to a dealer and asking for a discount or a better deal when there’s a matter of hours until you lack insurance altogether makes things a lot tougher. Terrible offers will now look somewhat acceptable but that’s just your brain masking the fact that you’re in a pickle and that you need to get a deal quick. Shopping for insurance weeks ahead makes it a much more relaxed experience, as you casually dismiss dealers left and right, along with their subpar offers.