Buy Litecoin on Cryptgo | 3 Easy Steps

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Litecoin, in an analogous way is silver to bitcoins gold. As an offshoot of bitcoin, Litecoin has upgraded many of bitcoins shortcomings and continues to hold its own in the cryptocurrency market cap table.

Being comparatively old than lots of new and upcoming coins, Litecoin has worn the test of time and continues to show extraordinary growth.

Buying Litecoin UK has always been fairly easy, not as easy as bitcoin, but still a readily available altcoin for those looking to diversify from the market leader. Coinbase being the obvious source to buy directly with fiat currency, however with an ever-increasing amount of negative reviews and increasing charges, it is no wonder people are looking for alternatives to buy Litecoin UK.

CryptoGo have created a simple process for those who are looking to enter the cryptocurrency market quickly, those who want to buy Litecoin UK can easily do so using this platform.

Buy Litecoin with CrytpoGo in the UK

Buying litecoin through CryptoGo is one of the fastest ways on the market to purchase litecoin. As long as you have the correct verification documents to hand (identification & proof of address), you can make the purchase, complete verification and discuss any questions with an account manager all within an hour.

To get started, either find Litecoin in their coins section or simply click here to go straight to the Litecoin page. You will then find yourself on the ‘Buy Litecoin’ page.

Fill out the form provided, this includes your full name, email address and contact number. Then tick that you are not a robot and proceed by hitting ‘Buy Now’.

Next, you will then be taken to a page where you must decide the amount you intend to invest in Litecoin. Using the user-friendly slider, you can easily see how much you can get for your money. Once you have decided on your initial Litecoin investment, you need to decide on a payment method, similar to Coinbase, they offer card payments and wire transfers. Unlike Coinbase however you can buy any coin with these payment methods, rather than just four!

Confirmation and verification

You will then be taken to a completion page. If you chose card payment, you will be required to enter your card details. If you chose wire transfer, you will receive an automatic email from a newly assigned account manager, in it will include an invoice and information to complete the wire transfer.

The next steps include you sending over your verification documents. This is a form of ID (passport or driving license) and a proof of address (tenancy agreement, bank statement or utility bill), which must be dated within the last three months.

For security reasons CryptoGo do not have on-site wallet facilities, this is simply to avoid the possibility of a malware attack. It sounds simple, but you will never have your coins stolen from the CryptoGo platform. This does mean that you will need to create an external wallet. For those that are new to this, the CryptoGo team can walk you through this process and offer the best wallets that have 2-factor authentication.

Why buy Litecoin with CryptoGo over other exchanges?

Once of the biggest pulls investing through CryptoGo is that it doesn’t cap initial deposits. This means that you can buy as much Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency as you like, straight off the back. Rather than having to jump through lots of verification hoops that other exchanges ask for.

Due to high liquidity, CryptoGo can accommodate large orders and because of this have attracted institutional investors to their services.

Their personal approach also means that these high brow investors do enjoy repeat business because they make the process so easy and seamless. Now this makes it sound like they prefer those investing more, that is not the case. Their team takes care of all clients equally, our advice is to get to know your account manager. They are always inclined to work that bit harder for you when they know you!