Businesses failing to look after employee wellness while working from home

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Businesses are failing to look after employee wellness while they work from home during the current lockdown, according to new research.

More than half of employees said their employers hadn’t taken any steps to improve their wellbeing since working from home.

57% of UK employees are now working from home following the Coronavirus pandemic, meaning the wellbeing of 9 million UK workers is being overlooked.

Despite more than nine out of ten companies offering wellness benefits, predominantly free gym memberships, the majority of businesses have not adapted their benefits to a remote working world – something they will have to do quickly as remote working becomes more prevalent in a post-COVID-19 workplace.

While 78% of business have organised weekly progress update calls, only half have done the same for social catch-ups. Just 11% of businesses have organised remote wellness sessions, leaving more to be desired from employers.

Anthony Franklin, founder and CEO of fit4thefight,  powered by fibodo, that conducted the research, commented: “Businesses have invested in the wellbeing of their employees in recent years, however the current pandemic has highlighted the short falls in believing a gym membership is the ‘silver bullet’ to a healthier workforce. fit4thefight allows workforces in isolation, and working from home, to engage in interactive fitness sessions, delivered in real-time, solving the problem of fitness professionals being unable to hold classes with corporate groups.

“We urge all businesses, big and small, to check in on their employees on a regular basis. Maintaining good physical and mental health has proven benefits on wellbeing and productivity, and therefore is of the utmost importance for firms.”