Which businesses accept Bitcoin in 2017?

Acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole is definitely becoming more widespread.

Previously regarded as a contentious digital currency for criminals, Bitcoin has justifiably shed this tag and become recognised as a genuine payment method by an increasing number of industries worldwide.

With the supreme security and ease of completing Bitcoin transactions it would be foolhardy for businesses not to acknowledge these new-found online coins as a form of currency and paying for goods and digital services.

Let’s take a look at the breadth of businesses and sectors that are now accepting Bitcoin. You might be surprised to see some of your competitors listed – but if they’re not, what’s stopping you stealing a march on them by acknowledging cryptocurrencies yourself?

  • Subway
    In the US, Subway has been accepting Bitcoins as payment for a few years now, but it is a trend that’s catching on across all of Subway’s global franchises with Latin America and other parts of the world now accepting Bitcoin as a method for your fresh footlongs.
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft allows its customers to deposit Bitcoin into their Microsoft accounts to use to purchase new content from its Windows and Xbox stores.
  • Shopify
    With more than 75,000 merchants operating Shopify e-commerce stores, consumers are increasingly able to buy gifts and goods online using Bitcoin payments via BitPay.
  • Virgin Galactic
    Sir Richard Branson’s commercial space flight venture, Virgin Galactic accepts Bitcoin payments in exchange for tickets on upcoming flights.
  • Steam
    Steam users are now able to buy games without having to use a credit or debit card. BitPay is facilitating Bitcoin payments to help gamers access the latest games without high fees or the risk of card payment chargeback fraud.

There’s also a growing number of e-commerce sites cropping up tailored to accepting solely Bitcoin in exchange for goods and services:

  • Crypto-Games.net
    An online gambling site with a difference. Crypto Games gives its players the opportunity to embark in Bitcoin gambling and with other cryptocurrencies safely and responsibly. The site now offers seven different casino games, with the latest offering – Plinko – added earlier this year.
  • Bitcoin.Travel
    Business travellers and holidaymakers can now book their travel overseas, as well as tours and activities using Bitcoin. Bitcoin.travel helps eliminate the hassle and fees associated with converting cash to local currencies and carrying money.
  • PizzaforCoins.com
    Hungry for a takeaway? Now you can buy a naughty pizza from three of the world’s biggest pizza chains using Bitcoin. PizzaforCoins.com has teamed up with Papa Johns, Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut to allow users to buy anything from pizza and chicken wings to milkshakes and cookies with their Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin-coffee.com
    This site is on a mission to provide coffee lovers and Bitcoin investors with a medium to purchase premium and organic coffee blends using Bitcoins as opposed to their local currency.

Small businesses don’t need to fear missing out on the Bitcoin payment action. Even small retail outlets have made the switch to accepting Bitcoin today. That’s largely thanks to QR codes that are the easiest way to carry out a real-world Bitcoin transaction. Using a basic smartphone, combined with a Bitcoin wallet app, consumers can scan a QR code and press ‘spend’ – it’s that simple!