Business safe: stay protected from damage on your property

property damage

Poor financial management for a year, a sudden high turnover of staff, sharp drops in profits, disinterest from clients – each one of these factors can creep into your company at any point in time, a wolf at your door that’ll go unabated unless you’ve got robust strategies in place.

But even more problematic issues can jump out to harm your workplace, no matter how effective your managerial skills – and the damage done to your business property is positively criminal.

Like a biblical plague, attacks on your office building include:

  • Graffiti
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Burglary

And that’s just the most common problems. There are plenty of cases of criminal damage that can turn your business on its head.

Fire damaged

So what’s the cost of these damages? The average price of graffiti removal, arguably the slightest issue on the above list, comes in at above £1000, while a fire in your property could close your business altogether.

One branch of The Works is a perfect example of the damage caused by a fire. Flames broke out in a Kent branch of the book shop, causing it to shut permanently.

Spokesman Aidan Byles said: “We will not be reopening. It’s going to take far too long to refurbish and get up and running.

“It was totally gutted and work has not yet started.”

Although The Works is a larger scale example, there’s little stopping your business suffering the same fate. All it takes is one wrong move to see your workplace destroyed.

Graffiti nightmares

As you might expect, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from these dangers. Graffiti removal experts can be hired to stop the noxious paint from building up, providing you with anti-vandal paint to lessen the problem. Major brands like Rentokil are the best people to contact for this, offering a comprehensive service that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Then it’s time to worry about fire damage. To stay safe, make sure you’ve got flames on lockdown.

Invest in blast-proof wall coverings, smoke alarms, fire blankets and extinguishers, and ensure they’re from a reputable provider.

As for burglary, security cameras are your friend – and the more visible the better.

If criminals can spot your security cameras from the exterior of your premises, they’ll be more likely to give your premises a wide berth. Marry your cameras with tall fences and keypad security (with limited access for employees only) and the likelihood of your business being robbed will remain reassuringly low.

Flooding defence works similarly, but more concerns the infrastructure of your roofing. Do you have the right insulation and drainage systems? Then you’re sorted.

There are still no guarantees that your business will remain safe from harm. But at the very least, you’ll know that you’ve done all you can.